Tell us your real names, country of birth, date of birth and childhood experience.


Oliver Sean, Portugal, 1979. My childhood was spent between Goa, Dubai and England. This multicultural upbringing defined my music in a way and it’s probably one of the reasons my songs are as eclectic as they are with elements from these countries and experiences of my growing up years showing up in my songs. As a kid, music was my first love and till today it still is. Motorbikes was a close second 🙂 Here is an interesting fun fact – I was born on the 11th of October, I wrote my first song when I was 11, had my first professional band when I was 11 and had my first accident on a motorbike when I was 11 🙂 so 11 is my favourite number 😉


Tell us about your music career, your band name, musical background, experience and skills.


I always wanted to be a musician, since I was a kid. When other kids were playing football I was busy practicing with my band and being one of the cool kids because I had a band and all the girls always thought a guitar player/ singer was the coolest kid in town haha 🙂 my first few professional bands was when I was in school and college and university. We would come up with various names like The Knights,Cloud 9 etc but eventually when I released my first professional single that went on radio my team and management decided to just got with my name Oliver Sean and my band name from there soon followed suit to the Oliver Sean Band – and it’s the same till today. In regards to skills – Aside from singing I also play the guitar (acoustic, lead and bass), keyboards, drums, Ukelele and a bit of harp. I also write and compose all my songs and also record a lot of the instruments of the songs for my album at my home studio – been doing that since I started making original music.


Tell us about your genre, concept and idea behind your music video and the song.

ANSWER –The concept behind the ‘First Move’ song was inspired by a girl (as usual) and it was mostly about wanting to tell a girl you like her but not being able to because either you are too shy or the time is never right – I believe this happens to so many people that the song would be relatable with many people and I think I was right because so many people love the concept of the song. When I filmed the music video I wanted to keep it really simple and capture the essence of when I was writing the song and recording it and composing the track. I think the video achieved that feel and showed a very natural side of me.


Tell us everything that we need to know about you as a musician and the ups and downs you have faced in the music business.


I’m an independent artist, probably the most independent of them all haha. I have never allowed my music or songs to be dictated by another label or company – I have always done and produced music that I wanted to and released everything on my own label. I also write, compose and mostly record everything on my own AND I produce and direct all my music videos. Of course I didn’t just do it and get automatically good at doing all this – I worked very hard to become good at what I do – be it music, recording, production or film making. I dedicated myself to my art and profession. Many musicians don’t want to do all this and rather concentrate on music only, while a label or management team does the rest – and that’s perfectly fine. However for me it doesn’t work because my vision of what I want to create is quite defined every time and I always achieve that and also my music is so dear to me – it’s a part of me and to allow someone else to take control of a part of me is not something I can ever do! This had led to a lot of hard work and a lot of success too and looking back now I don’t think I would change a thing 🙂




Tell us about other members of your band, crew or music video director and how the music video was shot.


I have fantastic musicians in my band and it’s like a brotherhood – a close knit family so to say. I like to work with musicians who understand my vision and can give me what I want in the studio or stage and at the same time I let them be as creative as they want to – this leads to a very good energy both on stage and in studio. From all my musicians some have been with me for over 15 years, like Garfield Oliveira who is my closest friend and a multi-instrumentalist and also helps me as an assistant director when I direct and produce music video for myself and for other artists (producing music and films is something I do via my production company WOA Entertainment). The musicians who have played on this particular album ‘Devil in Blue Jeans’ have been Darren Edwards on Bass and Luke Robinson on Drums, all the other instruments and vocals on the album have been done by me, including all guitars, keys, percussions and other stringed instruments like the Uke etc.




Tell us how long you have been in the music industry, your experience and your future goal.


I’ve been in the music industry since I was 11 🙂 so aside from the first 10 years of my life, the rest has been immersed in music. My experience in the music industry has been a rollercoaster to say the least – as a kid you look at the industry in wonder and amazement and think wow it’s so beautiful and fantastic! And then as you start growing up in the industry you realise – “wow this is just like every other industry – the same bullshit and the same rat race and the same politics” hahaha, but I guess there is a purity in music that no matter how much business and politics is involved, they cannot take away that purity from real music and musicians who make music for the real reasons. That real reason according to me is ‘just making music because you are a musician’ no other motive or goal. Whatever comes from it is just the cream on top – the real joy is just in making music because that’s your purpose in life.




Tell us what inspires you to write, compose and sing.


Life and Love inspires my songs 🙂 my dogs (who are my whole world), my family, my fans – that’s my muse and inspiration. In regards to being on stage – live performance is what makes me feel more alive than anything in the world. It’s when I am really me!


Tell us the secret behind making a hit song.


Oh there is no secret 🙂 you ever know which song is going to be a hit! If there was a secret we would only have hit songs every time. I write every song because something inspired me to write it and it makes me feel good (or sad or happy or angry or whatever) a true feeling deep inside – THAT to me is the secret to writing a song that’s your best. If it’s a hit it’s a hit, if it’s not – it’s still a hit to you



Tell us the message you will like to pass to your fans out there.


To my fans – thank you! Without you guys I wouldn’t have reached where I have today.

Every album I make is dedicated to 2 very special groups of people – my family and my fans – every single song and album. I love you.


Tell the kind of advice you will give to an upcoming artist.


To all the upcoming artists – learn how to deal with rejection. Remember ALWAYS that the person or company that rejected your music is not rejecting your music because it’s bad – it’s just because they have another agenda and are interested in some other form or genre or type of music ONLY for their OWN benefit not yours! It has nothing to do with the quality or greatness of your song. Some might even reject your music because they are jealous that a new artist has made such a good song and they want to quash your dreams. So do not let anyone make you feel bad about your music if they reject it. Laugh and move one and KEEP making music and become better at your art and promote and do things on your own – you do not need ANYONE to reach your goal – the good people who genuinely like your music and want to support you for pure reasons will come – just have faith in your music, because if you don’t believe in your music, no one else will!





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