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Siobhan Mazzei – I’m Not Scared

Siobhan Mazzei - I'm Not Scared

Siobhan Mazzei – I’m Not Scared

Siobhan Mazzei – I’m Not Scared



ARTIST NAME:  Siobhan Mazzei
SONG TITLE:  I’m Not Scared
RELEASE DATE: 21 June 2019
GENRE: Alt Rock/Folk/Grunge/Singer-Songwriter



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Wearing a heavy coat of grunge rock, her music acts as apologues for seclusion, transmogrification, and undoubtedly individualism.
Siobhan tells cautionary tales for the society dating back to scratched images on a cave wall and releases the caged frustration of today’s world.
Intelligent songwriting that cuts to the bone, brooding with imagery alike the stories of the Brothers Grimm, is hypnotic in Siobhan’s Gaelic-tinged vocal.
Growing up on the hem of a city center, as a teenager, Siobhan found her solace in the shelves that lined her bedroom walls.
Fascinated by documentaries about human action, and wearing out her DVDs and video games, through living she became involuntarily exposed to the tragedy and wonder of the world around her.
In turn, she cut her teeth by playing guitar in high school screamo and metal bands, whilst worshipping those who dared to bare themselves on stage and forever etched on a record.
Finally able to sacrifice to the screaming inside her heart urging her to use her own voice, Siobhan found a release for the frustration as a young person who had already experienced heartbreak.
As a part of the first generation of musicians uploading covers to YouTube, Siobhan released the apprehensions and anxieties of adolescence into music. From a delicate whisper in the ear to screaming hysteria, Siobhan has trained not only her voice but herself.
Crafting music that nestles in your ear as easily as the propaganda of today’s popular culture, Siobhan’s latest release, Consumed By Chaos, is a rip-roaring whirlwind.
“I was absolutely knackered when writing the EP. I think the ideology behind the Consumed By Chaos EP is that is literally what I was. The songs that were coming out were more erratic than my older stuff. So much was going on, and it naturally just happened.”
For Siobhan, the EP represents a change in direction and an outlet that was needed for a while, for it wrote itself when the time was right.
“Although chaos was around me, I finally had control,” she says.
Having been crippled by writer’s block, the words started to pour out in a cathartic flood.



Discuss how you find the sounds that fit your vocals.
It found me I guess!


Tell us how you come up with ideas to create your lyrics.
Usually, I use whatever life has thrown at me, to be honest! Then it’s just a case of making it rhyme.


Tell us how you ensure the music producer balances your vocals with the instrumentals properly.
I guess it depends on who you work with – I found from previous experience taking a demo of it and playing it in the car. If it sounds good in a car it sounds good anywhere!


Discuss the recording process of this song.
I worked with Neil Segrott at Tiny Studios. We tracked the drums and guitar together first then layered everything else on top.


Tell us your experience recording the vocals.
I’ve always had a good experience and find it pretty easy. It’s always good to lean back when projecting and all the little bits and tricks you sort of learning on the job! I’ve recorded vocals for my own stuff as well as a recent project for the BBC and Grace Petrie.


Tell us how you ensure your songs sound well.
Sound well?  I guess again it depends on who you work with. I just go with what sounds good to me as that’s what’s important.


State the best means of generating income in today’s music business.
You tell me! Ha!


State the people involved in creating this song and their roles.
I wrote the song and the parts – it was just a case of the band putting their unique twist on it.


Explain how you get involved in music.
I started off at open mic nights about ten years ago which led to actual shows and just gradually went up from there.


State your favorite song and the reason.
My favorite song is Olafur Arnalds – 3055. If you listen to it you will know why. It’s just beautiful.


Tell us your opinion on the use of digital effects on vocals.
I don’t have a problem with it to a certain extent.  As long as you’re not miming live then it’s fine!


Explain the relevance of creativity to music.
Well, you got to be creative to make music right?  Statistically, music helps stimulate the brain particularly creatively so it’s all relative.


Tell us the steps to take before going into the studio to record.
Rest and rehearse. Make sure your band is tight before you even think of stepping into a studio.  Know the songs like the back of your hand and make sure you work out the BPM of your tracks before you go in.


Tell us what you know about your fans.
All I know is that I am very grateful and appreciate their time and effort to come to shows. I love making new friends. I’ve made so many pals through my music and I think that’s great.


Tell us if you see music as a rewarding career.
I believe so – once you breakthrough.  I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life.


Tell us what you will do apart from music.
Well, I am currently working a day job as most musicians nowadays will tell you!


Tell us if you will prefer to watch a movie to listening to music.
Music of course.


Elaborate on the song.
The song came to me as a sort of fight between the dark and the light. It can be interpreted in many ways, but for me, it was about fighting your demons.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
My artist name was given to me by my parents. Mazzei is Italian and Siobhan actually came from my Mum watching an interview with the band Bananarama on TV. One of the members is called Siobhan and my mum thought the name was nice and well here I am!



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