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Sky Keller – Don’t Get It

Sky Keller - Don't Get It

Sky Keller - Don't Get It
Sky Keller – Don’t Get It



Share your life story with us. 
I grew up in CT. I always did music for fun, but for a long time having a career in it wasn’t a desire of mine. It seemed practical to get an education and pursue a “real job”. I studied nursing for 4 years and obtained a degree. I started working as a nurse in Hollywood, CA shortly after graduation. To be frank, the “impractical” never left me alone. The dream of having music as a career and doing it full time eventually took over. After graduating from college and starting my nursing job I began to pursue music aggressively. My song went #1 on hype machine and things are continuing to build.


List the names of those that have assisted you so far in your music career and use this opportunity to thank them. 
Samson Shulman and Danny Garibay have helped me tremendously thus far. Samson has been responsible for getting me in writing sessions; he has introduced me to people who are helping to advance my career. Danny is the one who has helped me to develop my sound as an artist. He has been a huge part of the creative process and without him, I may have had some trouble standing out.


Narrate your experience while recording in the studio or while touring.
The recording is always fun but emotional experience. I allow myself to feel emotions while in the studio. And when I feel I am able to make great art that people can connect with. When I record I put myself back into the situation that I am singing about. I relive it in a sense. When I do this, I’m able to put character into my voice. The listener can then feel what I’m singing about.


Go into detail about your songwriting process. 
I love the songwriting process. I hum a melody idea to Danny (producer) and Alma (songwriter). From there, Danny lays out the chords and we start building the song. Once we’ve all settled on a topic to write about we collaboratively come up with lyrics and the song just grows from there.


Brief us on what you have on the way for your fans out there.
More great music and live shows. My first show will be on April 2nd at The Mint in Los Angeles.


Tell us that point in time that you just feel like giving up on your music career. 
Until I signed with management I was ready to give up on the dream. For a long time I asked myself “will this dream ever happen”, “will I ever find someone who believes in me”. It’s hard going after something when you feel you’re alone. When I found Samson that all changed. I had hope again.


Go into detail on how you make your instrumentation or melody.
Melodies are constantly running through my head. They kinda just show up unannounced. If I hear a melody that sticks with me I record it and build on the idea.


Tell us the best way to get in touch with you on social media. 
The best way to get in touch with me on social media is through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Tell us your favorite genre of music.
Indie pop is by far my favorite genre of music.
Tell us the subject matter of most of your songs. 
Heartbreak. Heartbreak. Heartbreak. The subject matter usually revolves around the situation that caused the heartbreak.


Tell us all we need to know about this song. 
“Don’t Get It” is about having feelings for a person that is not fully reciprocated. It’s about not understanding why a person’s actions don’t line up with what he or she is telling you. For example, the person I am singing about told me he didn’t want me, but when we would spend time together his actions communicated the opposite. All I could say to myself was, “I Don’t Get It”.


Tell us your thought on self-training and going to an educational institution to study music.
I am self-trained in music. I never attended an educational institution to study music. Writing and singing have always come very naturally for me. I think studying music is great, I personally was just never interested in taking classes on it. If you take classes in music you will find that it is very technical. Music technicality always kinda scared me; I think it takes away from the simple sound of music. Maybe that’s why I was never interested in taking classes on it.


Tell us what you would buy if you want to build your own studio. 
At this time I don’t have a desire to build my own studio. I enjoy visiting studios that are owned by the producers I work with.


List your five favorite songwriters. 
Justin Tranter, Max Martin, Starrah, Alma Goodman, Emily Warren.


List your five favorite music producers. 
Danny Garibay, Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Stargate, Benny Cassette.


Describe your best mood to write a song.
My best mood to write a song is sadness. I feel I am able to make the best art when all I feel is complete sadness. When I am sad I am raw. And when I am raw I make the best music.





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