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Skyeline – Three Years

Skyeline - Three Years
Skyeline - Three Years
Skyeline – Three Years


Tell us how you fund your music projects.
We fund all of our music projects ourselves through our jobs, like paper companies, taco shops, and emergency care centers.


Tell us if your music career is paying your bills.
We want to get to a point where our music pays our bills but for now, we all have side jobs while we play our music.


Tell us if you will change the style of your music to sign a record deal.
We would never change the style of our music to sign a record deal. We want to play and make the music we love.


Tell us the process of writing a song from scratch to the final stage.
Usually, one of us will write and record a rough demo for the rest of us to elaborate and work on. Once we format the song and put lyrics to it, we typically start working on production ideas for the song if we are working on an album or EP.


Tell us if you have a guideline or standard set for your music production.
We do typically have a general guideline, but with us changing still stylistically, our production techniques are still changing and are bound to change more. While we are changing stylistically, our guidelines will change too.


Tell us your preparation for a live performance and how you ensure the quality and output of your music are never compromised.
As a band, we make sure to practice together a fair amount of time before a live show. While together, we run through our set four to five times and work on each song to make sure it can be played to its full potential live. Our goal is to have our live set as close to the album as possible.


Tell us your bad habit.
One huge habit we (mostly Brittany) have is forgetfulness.


Tell us if you are totally in control of your performance or you are still learning.
While it feels like we are in total control of our performance there are always things to work on whether it is stage presence or the songs themselves.


Tell us that precious moment you chose music as a career.
The moment we all knew that this band and music would be our career was the first time we all played together as a band.


Tell us the greatest feedback you have ever received on a song of yours.
The greatest feedback we’ve received was in The Hook Journal regarding our influences and how we use them in our music. Larry Iaccio says, “Interestingly enough, rather than sounding like any of these icons, Skyeline seems to have dissected these artists’ music, taken out the bits and chunks that suit their musicianship, and intuitively put them back together in a refreshingly original way.”


Tell us your side interest apart from music.
Brittany, our singer, has a strong interest in graphic design. She has designed everything involving the band from logos, to album artwork, to photo editing.


Tell us the artist that most influenced you as a musician.
As a band, we pull influences from many musicians and bands. We pull influences from indie and pop acts like The Killers, The 1975, Turnover, and Death Cab for Cutie, but not afraid to experiment with the heavier side of things like Deftones and Failure.


Tell us if you are more comfortable singing as a solo artist than collaborating with others.
As the singer, I am more comfortable performing with others than going solo. Having people on stage supporting each other is a great feeling. I’d rather collaborate with others because it leaves more space for other people’s input and ideas.


Tell us the full details of this song.
“Three Years” is a personal song to Brittany. The lyrics talk about the relationship she has with her older sister who she hasn’t seen in more than three years now. Three Years sounds like a happy up-tempo song, but once you peel back the layers, the whole song has a deeper meaning to it.


State the links to your social networks and stores.


Tell us the kind of organization you will set up to fight a cause and state your reason for fighting the cause.
An organization we would fight for is The National MS Society. Brittany’s sister is fighting MS at the moment, so to be able to fight for that cause would mean a lot to us as a band.


Tell us how you feel while performing.
I feel a sudden rush of energy during the first song of our set that lasts throughout the show. I get overwhelmed with the feeling of freedom and determination.


Tell us the dos and don’ts in the music business.
The do’s and don’ts in the music business are different for everyone. The biggest don’t for me is to never be a sellout. Always be true to yourself and make the music you want to make. Don’t let someone else dictate your life just to make a dollar off of it.


Tell us your opinion on smoking, health is wealth but people still smoke.
Smoking is a decision. As a singer, I will never smoke but I’ll never reprimand other people for it.


State the official date of release.
“Three Years” was released as a single on July 15, 2017, and can be found on our album “Something About Your Basement” which was released on December 16, 2017. A music video for “Three Years” can be found on our YouTube channel that was also released on July 15, 2017.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
We decided on Skyeline, one because Skyline was already taken and copyrighted. Another big reason why we chose Skyeline is that no matter how far away from everyone is from one another, we all look at the same sky.



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