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Soko7 – Moola

Soko7 - Moola
Soko7 – Moola
Soko7 – Moola



RELEASE DATE: 2/13/2020
GENRE: Hip-Hop



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Tell us how to refine a demo to a mastered song.
For me, the main difference from demos to finished songs is that I re-record the vocals in a quiet room and fix the errors in the takes, and then I add harmonies.
I mix the song to my liking and I send it to my friend @KayoMusiq and he masters it for me, he’s great.


Discuss the processing involved in creating a song.
I usually start with a sample or chords or an idea, then I record myself mumbling melodies and ideas, I write, re-record and then add drums and bass.


Elaborate on the themes of most of your songs.
It’s still quite early in my career and I don’t feel like I’ve found any themes or reoccurring patterns.


Tell us your greatest musical works up to date.
The greatest musical work to date is “Drunk in Love” by Beyonce, which I produced and won several Grammy Awards for.


Tell us those behind your music process.
It’s mostly me. I collaborate with different producers all the time, it varies from time to time, I mix my music and have my guy @kayomusiq do the mastering, he’s a very talented producer himself.


Tell us how you are handling the promotion of your music.
I do all my promotions online, on Instagram, Facebook, etc. I have a new dancehall song with my guy @blaqpages coming next month and that will be my first taste of influencer marketing (dancers and Choreographers).


Tell us your future goals and how you aim to accomplish them.
I would like to drop my debut album at the top of next year and go on tour.


Tell us what you think has changed in the music industry.
The industry has changed a lot due to streaming. Social media has also given power to the creative and as an artist, you can reach your fans without needing a label.


Tell the greatest mistake to avoid while making a song.
In my opinion, overthinking is the biggest mistake in the creative process.


Tell us how you boost your performance.
Champagne, Champagne, and more Champagne – it just puts me in a more carefree mood without making me too drunk to work.


Explain the structure of the song.
This song “Moola” is 4 bar intro, 8 bar Hook, 8 bar verse, 4 bar pre,8 bar Hook, 8 bar verse, 4 bar pre, 8 bar Hook, then the outro.


Discuss how the instruments come together for a song.
There is no set way that the song comes together, but for me, I usually start with chords, then words and then do the drums and bass.


State your musical skills.
I’m a producer, artist, and writer. I don’t play any instruments, but I can engineer and mix the songs that I write.


Tell us if you consider acting in a movie.
When the time is right, I would like to try it… I am interested in TV and Movies.


Tell us how you eliminate noise in your recordings.
I have a ball mic filter that basically is a ball made of foam that covers the entire mic except for the opening you record through.


List the name of artists you cherish most.
Sean Paul, DMX, Buju Banton, 50 Cent, and a lot of classic African artists that I grew up listening to.


Tell us how you get inspiration.
I get inspired by sports, movies, and traveling.


Elaborate on the song.
The song came about very spontaneously, I was in Las Vegas for the weekend, and my last night there; my director @Potent__ suggested we shoot a video. I didn’t have any new songs, so I decided to make a song right there on the spot. I made the beat, recorded, and shot the video for ‘Moola’ in one night.


Elaborate on your artist’s name and the title of the album.
My artist name “Soko7” comes from my birth name Brian Soko and 7 was my jersey number when I played soccer in high school.


Share your press release and review with us.
Moola is a song about my outlook and my worth ethic as a result of growing up with very little in a 3rd world country (Zimbabwe).
I speak about my tunnel vision, attitude about work and money, and how I don’t have time for anything if it doesn’t help me move forward financially. This is the mindset of a lot of 1st generation Immigrant families who came to this country to live the American Dream.



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