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Sons of Babylon – Shadows

Sons of Babylon - Shadows
Sons of Babylon - Shadows
Sons of Babylon – Shadows


Share your life story with us.
For starters, we are twins and were born in California. Our parents split up when we were young and we had quite a few problems with our dad. You know classic story black kid with daddy issues. During that time our family really struggled with money, we were super broke, but our mom kept it all together. We moved around a whole lot so we got used to being the new kids. We also got into a lot of fights at school usually against bullies. We were angry children which led our mom to put us in football. We continued playing football in high school even as our family transitioned from Corona California to Chicago. Football eventually led to a scholarship to the Air Force Academy. So we enlisted and headed out to Colorado Springs. However, this didn’t last as we eventually left the team and the school and moved down to Texas. We stayed there for a little bit working until we got back to school and moved back to Chicago. Being away from football allowed us to connect with our love for music, so while in Chicago; we began performing spoken word poetry and writing our music.
After graduation in 2016, we left Chicago and moved to Orlando which led us to where we are now.  Of course, there are a lot more details but, we would be here all day haha.


Share your press release.


List the names of those that have assisted you so far in your music career and use this opportunity to thank them.
Our Mom (Monique Lee), and our stepdad (Devin Lee) as well as some of our closest friends Haily, Luke, Kate, Hattie, (finish listing).


Narrate your experience while recording in the studio or while touring.
So our recording process is rather simple. We’ve got everything set up in our closet because you know we’re broke. But throughout the process, there’s a lot of emotion and sweat. Our AC’s been out for months so it gets super-hot in there.


Go into detail about your songwriting process.
We write songs rather frequently. To start all we have to do is get an idea or some inspiration. So the first thing we do is listen to some of our favorite songs. Once we get some ideas we’ll write it in the form of a poem and then flush it out from there. A song can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks for us to complete but a lot of it comes as we go. We’ll get little ideas of rhymes and lines throughout the day and we’ll write them down. Our apartment is full of these notes haha.


Brief us on what you have on the way for your fans out there.
So we’ve already started working on our next album so stay tuned for that. Otherwise, we’ve got plenty of other projects in the works so be excited for that.


Tell us what you are doing to increase your fan base.
Exposure, Exposure, Exposure. Our biggest focus right now is just getting our names out there.


Tell us that point in time that you just feel like giving up on your music career.
Never. There have been some tough times but you power through them. You realize that everybody is struggling so your situation isn’t that special. So you stop feeling bad about yourself and you move on. Even if we only had one fan then we would keep making music.


Go into detail on how you make your instrumentation or melody.
To be honest, we just mess around till we find something that sounds good. We’re amateur producers at best and only have our grand ol’ ears to rely on.


Tell us your complete understanding of music licensing.
Music licensing is the licensed use of copyrighted music. It’s there to make sure the owners of the copyrighted material are adequately compensated for their work. I know of two types of licensing contracts.
1) a flat fee that allows the individual to use the copyrighted material for a set amount of time.
2) Our favorite “R” lettered word “royalties”.


Tell us the best way to get in touch with you on social media.
Hit us up on our Facebook page or Twitter. YouTube is also a good way.


Give us the links to your various stores.
Here’s our website link! Enjoy!


Tell us your favorite genre of music.
To be honest we don’t really have one. Both of us like all kinds of music. From classical and orchestral to hard rock and gangsta rap.


Tell us the subject matter of most of your songs.
All our songs are pretty personal and usually deal with our lives and the struggles that we face. Relationships and our inner demons make up most of it


Tell us all we need to know about this song.
It got a lot of rhyming, and it’s about depression.


Tell us what you think about digital distribution and streaming.
It is the wave of the future and a godsend. If we had to pay for physical distribution we would be nowhere.


Tell us various ways that artists can boost their revenue.
One way would be to market your music, you know treat yourself like a brand; get some advertisements out there. Another way to increase your revenue would be to differentiate your products. For example, sell merch along with your music. A final way I know would be not to be afraid to give stuff away. In the end, the most important objective is to increase your fan base, that’s the best way to boost your revenue.


Tell us your thought on self-training and going to educational institution to study music.
Education can only help. It can help give you a solid foundation and help you see and shore up your weaknesses, but in the end, art is something you got to feel and formal training may get you caught up with the rules. And this goes for all art.


Go on at length on what it takes to write a hit song.
You tell me haha. Just Kidding. The best advice I can give is to write a song that comes from the heart. It needs to be something to you otherwise the audience will never connect. That and master the shit outta that song. No one’s going to listen to it if it sounds like the muffled gasps of a dying cat.


Tell us what you will buy if you want to build your own studio.
Everything, haha I joke, I would first purchase a building of some sort. I would like it to be its own separate space away from all the noise. Aside from acoustic treatment and the nicest equipment, I could get my hands on; I would like some comfy chairs. I mean who doesn’t like comfy chairs am I right? I would also build a really high-end computer. I wouldn’t need it but I’m kind of a nerd with that stuff so I couldn’t resist.


Go on at length on what it takes to gain the attention of the audience while playing live.
I would say first and foremost be authentic and feel what you are saying. I learned this while performing spoken word in Chicago. If you go up there and truly believe in your lyrics, lines, or writing then your audience will believe it too. You know just get up there and do your thing, give it all you got.


List your five favorite songwriters.
Michael Jackson, J. Cole, Bruno Mars, Brendon Urie, Kid Cudi.


List your five favorite music producers.
Lido, Kaytranada, Nujabes, Ta-Ku, Donald Glover.


Describe in detail how you feel when you hear your song on the radio.
Oh lordly, Jesus I would probably cry. You know; get a little emotional.


Describe your best mood to write a song.
Melancholy or you know a little sadness mixed with a dash of soul-crushing depression. We can’t seem to rap about anything nice for some reason. I don’t know must be something in the water.




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