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Stephanie Phillips – Blindside

Stephanie Phillips - Blindside

Stephanie Phillips - Blindside

Stephanie Phillips – Blindside


ARTIST NAME: Stephanie Phillips
SONG TITLE: Blindside
ALBUM TITLE: What Have I Lost?
RELEASE DATE: February 2020
GENRE: Indie Folk/Singer-Songwriter


Stephanie Phillips has been singing, playing guitar, and writing music from an early age. She has performed all over the United States, including many clubs in New York City such as the Speakeasy and the Village Gate. A highlight of her career was opening for Emmylou Harris in the 1990’s.
Stephanie describes her music as “progressive folk”, taking her inspiration from giants such as Billy Joel, James Taylor, and Dan Fogelberg. Her latest CD, entitled What Have I Lost? was released in February of 2020.


You woke up one morning
Decided to leave me
And I still don’t know what to do


You told me that morning you had to release me
And it wasn’t me,
It was you


But I’ll never know what is true…


‘Cause it was nothing but a blindside, baby
You hit me in the face
And it came on like a landslide, baby
I had no time to brace
‘Cause it was nothing but a blindside


I woke up one morning the weekend
Before that and thought
I saw love in your eyes


You held me that morning
And I could’ve sworn
That I’d never hear you say goodbye


And then there was Monday’s surprise….






What were you thinking and when did you know
That we weren’t working
And I had to go?


Your face never told me
So how could you hold me so close….


Knowing what you would expose?


You woke up that morning
Decided to leave me
And gave me the news on the phone


You told me that morning
You hadn’t deceived me
That we’d just be better alone


But how could I never have known?




‘Cause it was nothing but a blindside, baby
You broke my heart in two
And it came on like a high tide, baby
I had no time to choose


‘Cause it was nothing but a blindside….


Creating a Song: My process usually involves writing lyrics and melody simultaneously. Most of the time, I have some ideas as to the theme of the song, if not a couple of lines written down or in my head when sitting down to formally write. I keep notes for song ideas in a little journal on my desk. Sometimes, an entire verse will come to me, and sometimes it’s just a line or a phrase. But, I generally write lyrics and melody together and my songs take anywhere between two and four hours to write.


Theme: My songs run the gamut of love and loss to social and political statements.


Musical Works:  I’m proud of all my four albums, but the last one included both my daughters on it in some capacity, so I’d have to say that’s my greatest one.


Music Team: I assume this means the people in my life who have been behind many of my songs. That would be the loves in my life, my family, and my daughters.


Future Goals: My future goals include sync licensing, cutting more albums, and performing in new venues. I will accomplish those the same way I do everything else — through persistence and consistency. I am in the process of trying to find a new local producer for my next album and also working on uploading my music to platforms which can assist me in the sync licensing process.


Changes: I think much has changed in the industry.  On the positive side, the independent musician has more opportunity than ever before and no longer has to rely upon a record deal to get their music heard. The downside is that the indie artist has to do virtually everything themselves and the process is often confusing and overwhelming. There are people preying on musicians and taking advantage of their desire to be “discovered” or have a large following. The constant social media “noise” is also a source of frustration, and one that didn’t exist even a decade or so ago.


Mistake: As far as I’m concerned, the only real mistake in writing a song is to NOT be authentic.  People innately sense inauthenticity, so as long as an artist can connect with their audience in a genuine and heartfelt way, there can’t be any mistakes.


Structure: The structure of “Blindside” is a classic Verse/Chorus/Verse/Chorus/Bridge/Verse/Chorus. I tend to write in that format most of the time because it creates a sense of order and people are used to hearing that structure or something very similar.


Instruments: For me, it’s mostly about acoustic guitar.  But when I can have my daughter adding keyboard that makes it really come alive.  For “Blindside”, I asked my good friend Chris to add bass, which gave the song another layer of depth and richness.


Musical Skills: I am proficient at the acoustic guitar, and I can play piano at a basic level. I’ve never had formal vocal training, but have had many compliments on my voice.


Cherished Artists: My biggest influences have been James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, Cat Stevens, Billy Joel, and the Indigo Girls. More recently, Cheryl Wheeler has had a profound impact on me, personally and musically.


Inspiration: Like many artists, my inspiration comes from almost anywhere — a news article, a discussion with a friend, a line from a movie or TV show (like one of my most recent songs), or just the way I’m feeling at any given moment about life.


Song: Blindside was written after a man I had dated for nearly a year (and had fallen in love with) broke up with me over the phone. I was especially vulnerable then as it came on the heels of my divorce.


Artist’s Name and the Title of the Album: My artist’s name is simply my given name. The album title, “What Have I Lost?” comes from its title song.  It made sense to use it for the title song as there had been many losses in my life during the time that album was being written and produced.


Press Release:
By Indiechroniquedaily
March 17, 2022
Stephanie Phillips is an authentic artist who has developed a distinctive sound. Her album “What Have I Lost?” reveals a modern folk, tinged with the emotions that we love and also going towards the future.
The poetry of the lyrics and arrangements sends the public on a journey of pleasant music whose melodies warm the hearts. The music of Stephanie Phillips is highly recommended to fight against the winter cold and the gray news around the world.
Immerse yourself in the fabulous “What Have I Lost?”
Review by Roadie Music Magazine.
Milena Calado
Stephanie Phillips performs an intimate acoustic set on new album “What Have I Lost”
Release Date – February 2022
Albums are always welcome and appreciated, as it reveals everything the artist gave of himself to compose the songs in a unique way. With Stephanie Phillips it was just like that. She has just released the album “What Have I Lost” that shows all her talent and versatility in a totally acoustic set. In a very intimate way, she permeates notes and chords with her guitar, making the listener embark on a sound journey full of curves and with a lot to say. Listen and you’ll know what I’m talking about.
And the work begins with “I Asked The Universe”, “My Someday Girl” and “Soft Place To Fall” which beckons us to the sequence of masterpieces that will come for this incredible set. Everything starts very well. “Contradictions”, “Final Kiss Goodbye” and “Adrift” are so delicate that it makes you want to put them on your lap and sleep because they are so beautiful. Amazing! Then “October Sun”, “Blindside” and “In The Crossfire” are simply incredible and Stephanie’s voice conveys so much emotion that it moves us deeply. And to finish this beautiful firecracker “My Happy Place”, “Another Full Moon”, “How It Is Now” and “What Have I Lost” are brilliant and fantastic. Enjoy without moderation.
The artist makes this bridge between moving us and making us think. And this wonderful goddess knows how to do that very well with her songs. What an amazing and rich work. How can you not fall in love with what she does on this record? People like Stephanie deserve to be heard and to have their gifts and talents recognized…

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