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Strong A.R.M. – That’s Gangsta

Strong A.R.M. – That’s Gangsta

Strong A.R.M. – That’s Gangsta
Strong A.R.M. – That’s Gangsta


Strong A.R.M. – That’s Gangsta



STRONG A.R.M. is the name that describes the 6’2, 200 plus pound Brooklyn native who is definitely taking on ALL HATERS!!!! It’s a perfect description of his overall attitude. This is one artist that believes anything goes when it comes to his music.
He did not choose to do hardcore hip hop, hardcore hip hop chose him!!! It allows him to say what the hell he wants. Bringing it straight to the front line so your attention is caught and kept. Don’t get STRONG A.R.M. wrong though, that is just one area of hip hop he is good at, he is versatile in all other areas as well.
STRONG A.R.M. is coming straight out of Brownsville, Brooklyn NYC!!! He has been going at it for years now, and he is not about to let anyone from his past, present, or future get in his way!!!!
He is self-motivated and determined to continue until he accomplishes his dream. He has spent his entire career learning the business and perfecting his skills as an artist, writer, and producer.
In the immediate future STRONG A.R.M. intends to get into every existing piece of this hip-hop puzzle. For right now though, he is ready to get his material out, and his face seen by the world. There is no doubt he is ready to be heard, and it is a fact YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH THE STRONG A.R.M.!!! Now it’s really on!!!



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SONG TITLE: That’s Gangsta
GENRE: Electronic/Dance/Hip Hop



Go into detail on why you decided to choose music as a career.
Before Hip-Hop, I felt like I had no kind of identity whatsoever, and when it came to certain things, I would always get passed over.
Once I started rapping though, people started recognizing me a little bit more, haters included (laughs). As time went on, Hip-Hop gave me my walk, my talk, my style, and basically my whole self-esteem came from being a part of the Hip-Hop culture.


Brief us the feedback you are getting from fans on your music.
Wow! The reception has been better than I anticipated.  It’s truly been great all over the world. Even in countries, I can’t pronounce (laughs). The love and the write-ups have been a true inspiration for the new music I am currently working on.


Discuss the relevance of social networking to music.
Well really my man Warren J. at Survival Crew Records is holding me down in that arena because he has done the whole marketing and promotions side with record labels before in the ’90s like LOUD Records, Priority Records, Relativity Records, and WEA Distribution just to name a few (And many other indie labels in between).
He studied a lot on the business end of the music industry! We even had a radio show back in the days on 105.9 F.M. (WNWK). The show was called “THE MUSICAL EXPRESS”. EASY MO BEE even co-hosted some shows with us. There were many famous D.J.’s on the station like MR. MAGIC (R.I.P), THE AWESOME TWO, EVIL DEE, and the famous radio broadcaster MR.GIL BAILEY on the Reggae music tip.
And my man Warren J. has me ALL OVER the internet! FOR REAL! My IG page is actually D.J. STRONGA.R.M. and my D.J. company name is called MAGIC DICE MUZIC.


Tell us how you record your song.
I use the Pro Tools program and an Apple computer to trigger everything.


Tell us the story behind the song.
‘That’s Gangsta’ is anything that is HOT, GOOD, and even GREAT; anything you do in your life that is considered your best. It’s more like saying ‘that’s bad’ when you actually imply that something is good.
It’s more appropriately used when you achieve the feat against all odds, even when people tell you that you couldn’t do it in the first place.


State your musical skills.
Strong A.R.M. = the A.R.M. means “A REAL MC”. I am also a DJ, and back in the days, I used to beatbox when I was in this group. My name was THE HUMAN AMP BOX (laughs). I really and truly lived by the order of being in the Hip Hop culture.


Tell us how long it takes to complete a song from the start.
Not long. Once I hear the beat, I go from there. And the song is done not long after that.


Discuss music in full detail.
I love music in different formats as well. Like I said earlier, I am a DJ. So I love to listen to different sounds, and see how I can make them relevant for myself and/or the project I am working on at that time.


State your five favorite genres of music.
HIP HOP – That’s what I am!!!
R&B – I really like a good singer.
DANCE – Music that can make you feel free.
REGGAE – I love the different rhythms.
POP – I grew up listening to U2, and BOY GEORGE, WHAM, and DAVID BOWIE! The NEW artists are very good too like RIHANNA, PINK, ARIANA GRANDE, BEYONCE, and KELLY CLARKSON just to name a few. Really too many to mention (laughs).


State your favorite musical instruments.
Drums, Piano, and Guitar.


Describe the chemistry between you and your fans during a live performance.
It is a beautiful thing! I could be having a bad day but when I feel the energy from the crowd, all negativity goes away for a moment. The chemistry between me and my fans is a GREAT one! BELIEVE THAT!


Discuss your personality in full detail.
My personality is that regardless of the situation, I am always going to give you THE REAL ME! You might not always like it (laughs) but you cannot say that you think that I am playing a role to make you feel better.


Discuss your music career.
Like ANY artist, I have been through plenty of UPS and DOWNS in this business of music! I have gone through “A BUNCH” to be at this point you see me at today. And I know I am going to go through PLENTY more! But like my record label states, I’m a SURVIVOR! And like the phoenix flying out of the ashes, I WILL RISE!


Share your memorable experiences with us.
When I think back, one of my most memorable moments is when I got to shoot my first solo video for a song titled ‘Let’s Get It On.’ I mean it was the greatest feeling ever with all the people who showed up to support what was going on. It was great. Before that, it was seeing my name on a record. It was the coolest thing ever.


Share your press release and reviews with us.
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State the title of the album and the reason for choosing the title.
The title of my album(s) is STRONGULATION & STRONGULATION 2 (Da EDM Remixes). That best describes what the audience is going to feel when the WHOLE project hits them!



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