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Tomorrow Is a Brand New Day

Tommorow Is a Brand New Day


Tommorow Is a Brand New Day
Tommorow Is a Brand New Day


Artist Name:  Studeo
Song Title: Tomorrow is a Brand New Day
Album Title: These are our days
Genre: Adult contemporary



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Studeo is an adult contemporary band whose songs cover a number of genres. Studeo’s songs vary from Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Country. Studeo’s harmonies and lead vocals, as well as harmony guitar, are their signature…
A Match Made in Musical Heaven
When Jeremy and Christine Stork first joined forces in the late ’70s (in the popular cover band Casablanca​)​, they had no idea what the future would bring, or that their union (both matrimonial and musical) would evolve into the beautiful, genre-defying mix of melody, vocals, and top-notch production which, as Studeo, ​has led to – in less than two years – multiple single-and-EP releases, a record deal, and international acclaim​.
​Bringing a wealth of talent and decades of experience (Jeremy played guitar for Melbourne’s Moby Dick prior to the formation of Casablanca, opening for such legends as the Little River Band, AC/DC, and ​Skyhooks​; Christine has played in multiple cover bands and is a formally-trained vocalist), Studeo’​s songs are as refreshingly-real as their love for the music and one another is enduring.
Following 2017’s release of not one but three ​Eps…which rose on international charts to levels previously unseen by an Australian independent act), ​Studeo ​signed with Bongo Boy Records, who included their song “Our Perfect Place to Be” on a compilation CD, “Love Is.” That song went on to win the Jazz/Blues Song of the Year honors at the 2018 Josie Awards (considered the Grammys of Independent music), held in Dollywood​ in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
In August of 2018, the label released the duo’s first full-length album, “These Are Our Days.”
​Studeo continues to expand their musical and songwriting horizons, turning their life experiences and world travels into songs that take us to new heights and in exciting new directions, covering the best of contemporary musical spheres.



Press Release:
2018 An Award-Winning Year For Australian Duo
Studeo takes home prizes in multiple ceremonies…
When husband/wife and perennial bandmates Jeremy and Christine Stork began recording in 2017 as “Studeo,” they felt that the songs they had written together, drawn from their life experiences and world travels, might resonate with the public. They had no idea.
When their three self-released EPs that year began getting world-wide airplay, with two songs, “I Wanna Make You Mine,” and “Don’t Wanna Play These Games,” rising on international independent charts to heights previously unseen by an Australian Independent act, they thought they might be on to something. They were right.
When they traveled to Nashville to accept a Josie Music Award (considered the Grammys for Independent artists) for “2017 World Artist of the Year,” they started thinking that perhaps it was a harbinger of even greater success. Indeed it was.
2018 has been a year that has seen the genre-blending duo’s career reach heights they’d only dreamed of, with their first full-length album and a deal on Bongo Boy Records. The awards were just the icing on the cake. That cake had a lot of icing.
The New Year’s confetti had barely settled when they found themselves in California, accepting an Arzuk Radio Music Award for “Jazz/Blues Song of the Year” for their song “Our Perfect Place to Be.”
In April, they focussed on America’s West Coast to accepting a “Best Rock/Pop EP” prize at the Akademia Music Awards, for the EP of which the aforementioned “Our Perfect Place to Be” was the title track.
In early 2018, the pair signed their record deal and released “These Are Our Days,” a collection of previously-released and brand new songs that was lauded by Skope Entertainment as an album which “radiates warmth and tenderness…nicely bringing together neon-hued soulful balladry along with a soft rock emphasis.”
Studeo was honored twice in September: first, they received their second Josie Music Award (again for “Our Perfect Place to Be,” this time as “Song of the Year” in the Jazz/Blues category); that song was then named “Adult Contemporary Song of the Year” by the Clouzine International Music Awards.
October was a stellar month as well, with their song “This Time” receiving a Bronze medal at the Global Music Awards, and – in perhaps their greatest and most promising achievement of the year – their album “These Are Our Days” was accepted by the Recording Academy in Los Angeles for first-round voting for “Pop Vocal Album” at the 61st annual Grammy Awards.
As 2018 winds down, one can’t help but wonder what 2019 holds in store. To paraphrase the title of their latest album, these are definitely Stud.



Discuss your composition and melody.
Our songs begin life either as a melody, chord pattern, or a theme or phrase and are usually sparked at a point in time, depending on where we are or what we are doing. We have written a lot of our songs whilst traveling….
Once we have the initial idea we try to build a story around it. What are we trying to say? Similarly, with melody or chord ideas, we try to build on the initial idea within a song structure, verses, chorus, bridge outro, etc…


State the name of your producer and elaborate on the song.
Our producer is Paul Rockwell. Paul is a musician and songwriter as well, which really helps because he understands the structure of songs and he also adds his ideas. This also contributes to developing the unique sound of Studeo…


Discuss the lyrics of the song.
Tomorrow is a Brand New Day is saying that no matter what, tomorrow is a new day and you can get away and escape your problems by moving on. Don’t get stuck in a rut, but be positive and move on with your life. Find things that you can strive for….” crossing bridges, climbing mountains”, you can overcome your daily problems….encourage your partner to come with you to build a new start; you don’t have to do it on your own.


Elaborate on your music career.
Christine and I began playing together in the mid-1970s in a band called Casablanca.
We worked for many years doing covers and working in all kinds of venues.
At the same time, we got married and had a family together who have grown up and have their own families now.
In 2016 we met our producer Paul Rockwell, who suggested that we try writing and recording our own material.
He offered to assist us, which he did, and kicked off Studeo. We started by writing and recording three EP’s which we released ourselves and began playing all over the world.
We had a promoter, Sue Walton, who also got us started and introduced us to radio airplay and more broadly other aspects of the independent music business.
In 2017, we signed with Bongo Boy Records and have been included in five compilation albums, three singles, and our own album, “These are our days”.
We are currently working on releasing a new album in August 2019……


Brief us on how you are reaching fans with your music.
It is a huge job to promote our music and ourselves. It is a constant task to keep writing, recording, and releasing our music as well as maintaining our social media to reach out to fans.
Our music is available all over the world at most online retail outlets. We are on Spotify, iTunes and have been played over 50,000 times on Jango.
We have a website, we are on Facebook and Twitter. We constantly have information going out to fans on our activities such as radio stations we are playing on, charts, awards, travel, gigs, etc. via our social media.
Bongo Boy Records does a lot of promotion for us as well for both our music and our videos……


Discuss your motive behind making music.
Music is something that we both have grown up with. I have been playing in bands since I was fifteen and Christine started when she was in her late teens.
So, we have been involved in music for most of our lives. It has been a significant part of our lives in both supporting our family and now developing Studeo and building our following around the world. It is something that we both love and provides a challenge to develop our writing skills and improving our songs.


Discuss your lyrics and songwriting.
Our lyrics and songs are heavily influenced by our travels…we have written a lot of our songs in the US, Thailand, Corfu, etc….we try to develop a story behind each song. What are we trying to say? Once you have that, it helps the process flow…..we don’t have designated songwriting sessions as such, but if we have an idea, we will try to work on it until it is finished.
We have the ability to record on our phones as well as document lyrics at all times where ever we are. I also travel with a small Taylor travel guitar so that we can write anywhere…


Elaborate on your work and achievement so far in your music career.
Studeo has been in existence for around three years now. We have had a great time over this period and had a lot of success particularly with awards.
We won our first award in 2017 in Nashville at the Josie Music Awards:
September 2017
Josie Music Awards (Nashville) – Artist of the year 2017 (world category, countries outside of US and Canada)



January 2018
Arzuk Radio Music Awards 2017 (California) – “Our Perfect Place To Be” Song of the Year (Jazz/Blues)



April 2018
Akademia Music Awards (California) – EP “Our Perfect Place To Be” – Best Pop/Rock EP



September 2018
Josie Music Awards (Dollywood TN) – “Our Perfect Place To Be” Song of the Year (Jazz/Blues)



September 2018
Clouzine International Music Awards – “Our Perfect Place To Be” Best Adult Contemporary Song



October 2018
Global Music Awards – Bronze Medal – “This Time” –  Adult Contemporary



October 2018
Studeo’s Album “These Are Our Days” – Accepted by the Recording Academy in Los Angeles



Fall 2018
​​​World Songwriting Awards – Finalist – Best Jazz Song “Our Perfect Place To Be”, Best Modern Country Song “This Time”, Best Pop Song “Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day”



November 2018
Global Music Awards – Silver Medal – “Our Perfect Place to Be” Best Song



January 2019
Clouzine International Music Awards – “Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day” Best Pop Song



February 2019
Belter Radio Scotland – Artist of The Month – “Our Perfect Place to Be” Best Song



March 2019
Global Music Awards – Bronze Medal – Best Adult Contemporary/Pop Song – “Can’t Stop Loving You”



April 2019
Akademia Music Awards (California) – Executive Award


Tell us your opinion on using a rhymes dictionary or writing software to develop lyrics.
We don’t use any tools to write songs. We have an advantage in that there are two of us together all the time and we can bounce ideas off each other.


Discuss the music industry.
The music industry is like all industries in that we are going through huge changes, both in technology, commercial environment, and the world is changing with so many things becoming global now.
The key thing for artists now is to define what success is to them. The commercial side of things is difficult, so you need to set your own goals.
There are so many opportunities now with so many independent radio stations demanding content.
The key thing for artists nowadays is how much can you do yourself.
There are so many things that you need as an artist such as photos, playing on your recordings, graphics, writing bios, articles, production, distribution, etc….it all costs money. The more you can do yourself, the better.


Elaborate on how you prepare yourself for a recording session.
Well, Christine needs to sing and practice to warm up for vocal tracks. For me, the key is tuning. Making sure my guitars, bass are in tune. Setting levels and trying to keep a good mix as you develop the song. That way you can better manage the end result.


Brief us on your preference in terms of tempo as in up-tempo, mid-tempo, or slow tempo.
I think our songs are mostly mid-tempo and I think that is our preference as well.


Discuss your shows or live performance.
Whilst we love playing live, we haven’t had many opportunities to play live over the past couple of years. With our travel, songwriting, recording managing all aspects of the band take up so much time.


Share your press release and reviews with us.
Giddy energy pours through the clear-eyed intensity of Studeo’s “Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day”. Everything works from the classic rock style to the commanding, confident vocals that rest at the heart of it all. The optimistic glow permeates every element of the track lending it a reassuring quality.
Bongo Boy Records Release STUDEO – ‘These Are Our Days’
by Skope • October 19, 2018
STUDEO’s “These Are Our Days” radiates warmth and tenderness. Nicely bringing together neon-hued soulful balladry along with a soft rock emphasis, the whole of the album resembles a grand journey. Cinematic flourishes add such an epic scope to the mix. By far the highlight of the album comes from the intensely felt vocals. Lyricism has a gorgeous quality to it as it swirls about in a radiant haze. The multiple layers of sound work in unison to create a great tapestry of sound. Infinitely tasteful, the album has a timeless classic quality to it. Every detail feels carefully considered from the slow contemplative rhythms to the nimble guitar riffs.
“Can’t Stop Loving You” opens the album on a high note, featuring some particularly fine vocals. Going for a distinctly 80s pop sound is the gracious “I’m Falling For You”. Things are stripped down to the absolute essentials on “These Are Our Days”. Reflection reigns supreme on the nostalgia-tinged “This Time”. A jazzy airy tone defines the lush dream world of “Our Perfect Place To Be”. Fiery to its very core, “My Superman” serves as the true highlight of the album. Playfulness takes over the gentle tempos of “Anymore”. Delicate guitar work rules over “Island Paradise” which has a bit of a tropical vibe. Neatly bringing the whole of the album to a fantastic close is the spacious “Even Misery”.
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Send a message across to your fans and supporters.
Huge thanks to all of our fans, supporters, and friends. We appreciate all of the support you give us particularly with your votes for all of the things we do (charts, awards, promotions). Please keep an eye out for our new album due for release in August 2019.


Discuss the storyline of the song.
Tomorrow is a Brand New Day, has a simple storyline that talks about “don’t despair you can get away and escape your problems by moving on. Don’t get stuck in a rut, but be positive and move on with your life. Find things that you can strive for….” crossing bridges, climbing mountains”, you can overcome your daily problems…. you don’t have to do it on your own.”


Tell us what makes this song unique from others.
Tomorrow is a Brand New Day has a unique sound with some great vocals and harmonies. We have tried to be a bit different in the sound with an 80’s feel and tight overall production.


Tell us the themes of most of your compositions.
As previously mentioned, our themes revolve around travel and also around our relationship. So our songs are usually positive.



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