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Suspense Band – Beautiful Excuses

Suspense Band – Beautiful Excuses


Suspense Band – Beautiful Excuses
Suspense Band – Beautiful Excuses


BAND NAME: Suspense Band
SONG TITLE:  Beautiful Excuses
RELEASE DATE:  13/12/2018
GENRE: Progressive Pop / Rock



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Hey, why don’t we do a concert with your songs? It was something like that Carlos Linhares said to his son Luã, in the middle of 2012, in the city of Belo Horizonte – Brazil.
It seemed like a good idea to the young songwriter, who then rescued those songs that were waiting for years to come out to the world.
The dream of the SUSPENSE Band was born, which today already aims the international public.
Since that first show, many new songs were created, mixing the audacity of Progressive Rock with the energy of Pop music, with a delicious jazzistic spice.
SUSPENSE has original songs with lyrics in English, full of synthesizer riffs, guitar solos, and remarkable melodies.
In 2016 the band released the music of the song “Stranger Things”, inspired by the Netflix series.
In 2018, they released their first album, “Suspense”, which is available on all main digital streaming platforms.
In 2019, the band released the music video of the song “Beautiful Excuses.”
The unique sound of SUSPENSE Band comes from the compositions of the singer, keyboardist, and music producer Luã Linhares.
The other members of the band, Luciano Soares (guitar and backing vocals), Carlos Linhares (bass), and Nelson Simões (drums) were members of the progressive rock band Arion that released an album in 2001 by the French label Musea and opened international concerts, including the legendary Dutch band Focus.
Each song of the SUSPENSE Band is composed to be a unique work of art, original and complete. You could wonder how would be those songs based on these clues, but only by actually listening that the true spirit of the songs is revealed.



Interview with Luã Linhares
(Singer, keyboardist, and composer of SUSPENSE Band)



Discuss your singing ability.
I played keyboards since I was a kid, but in my teen years, I started to want to sing.
In the beginning, I was very bad at singing, and I received much bad feedback. “Keep just playing the keyboards,” they said.
Well, I had this dream, so I didn’t stop, so I started taking classes on singing, and started a routine of doing vocal exercises every day.
Over the years, I think I got much better. Now, although I’m not where I want to be yet, I already receive a lot of compliments about my singing.


Tell us the reason you want to sing.
I am very shy, and I think with music I can make myself noticed and heard. It’s my way of expressing myself in the best way I can.


Tell us your most memorable live performance.
It’s always good to play with a lot of people, but the best moments are when people are close to you in a show and in the same vibe.
One of the most memorable live performances I remember was when we played in the university, a free event. The vibe was awesome, people were dancing and the stage was very close to the public… we were all in the same space, sharing happiness together.


Discuss how you build your song.
There’s no pattern on how I begin. Ideas come from everywhere. Sometimes I listen to a new band and get inspired by that, sometimes I’m improvising at the instrument and the ideas come, and sometimes I’m walking in the street and I start to sing something, then I grab my phone and record it.
Then I start to build the idea of the arrangement, still with a “non-existent” kind of English language, while I still haven’t written the lyrics. Then I bring the idea to the band and we build the rest of the arrangement. Usually, the lyrics are the last thing I finish.


Tell us how you impress your fans with your music.
People here in Brazil sometimes get surprised “Are these songs really yours? So these songs aren’t covers?”


Discuss the relevance of promotion to the music business.
Today more than ever the band itself must do, at least in the beginning, all the tasks regarding other aspects of the career beyond the music itself. And we can’t just release a song and wait for the people to discover it. We must go there and find the people in the niches where they will like our music.
So there are some platforms that we are discovering that helps a lot in making it possible to reach potential fans. I hope we can make it right in this way.


Tell us what you will do apart from music.
Music is in everything! Apart from the bands I work as a music producer recording other artists and bands.


List the names of the instruments you can play.
In the band, I sing, play keyboards, and acoustic guitar. But I know the basics of electric guitar, bass, and drums also.


Tell us if you have any music background.
I started making music since I was 9 years old. My father is a musician, so I was raised in a house full of instruments, musical inspirations, and musical friends. Now I and my father are in the same band. He is the bassist of the SUSPENSE Band.


Tell us the piece of advice you will give to a new artist.
Don’t give up! You will hear a lot of “no’s” along the way. Success is not built on glamour, it is hard, constant work, and discipline.
Study the bands you like, what makes their arrangements good. And try to think as a producer, look at your own band from an “outside” perspective, and make all the changes you think you need to reach your full potential. Life is short, so RUN for your dreams!


Elaborate on melody and rhythm.
In the first years of the band, I realized my songs were very based on melody, but they were kind of ‘contemplative’, people who were watching weren’t moving their bodies.
So, at some point, I started worrying more about the rhythm, the groove too. So you can see that the songs in our album ‘Suspense’ that we released recently already have a lot of rhythm energy.
The song “Don’t Give Me Your Dreams” for instance, was composed and based on the dance movement, inspired by Funk/Soul music.


Tell us your future goals.
We want to keep growing and reaching people, connecting with fans, and travel a lot around the world doing tours. At the moment we are promoting our new album and trying to make it known here in Brazil and also in other countries.


Share your music experience with us.
Music has always been present in my life. It’s the main way I make friends and learn life lessons until today.
It’s a universal language. If you stop to think, music doesn’t make sense rationally, but it moves our bodies and minds and connects people in a way we can’t understand, but we can feel the power and emotion.
I want to feel that, live that, and use music to reach my dreams and know a lot of people and places.


Tell us the most difficult part of the recording.
The hardest part in recording the album was being the music producer of my own band.
When I am my own ‘client’, the work never stops, because I always want to try new things and I’m never satisfied.
So there was a point that we had to set a deadline to finally abandon the project and let it born!


Discuss the greatest mistake you have ever made in your music career.
Not keeping the routine of studies and exercises since the beginning.
I could be way further today if I had this discipline to make a good quality study a habit.


Discuss the relevance of relatability of the lyrics to the listeners.
Song lyrics are a very strong way of keeping a message in the mind of the person forever.
So it’s very important to write a good message for the song.
I try to write things with meaning. Sometimes it’s a critic, sometimes it is a positive motivation, sometimes it is just an expression of feelings, but it is never something I don’t want to say.


Elaborate on the song.
‘Beautiful Excuses’ is the first song on our album “Suspense”.
It expresses well our idea of making “Progressive Pop / Rock”.
It has elements of Pop music, with that EDM dancing beat, but it travels to many places and climates.
It goes from that indie vibe to a heavy rock vibe, and in the middle, there’s a keyboard solo showing our prog influences.
I think if you enjoy this mix of styles and genres, you probably will like “Beautiful Excuses” and the whole album.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
SUSPENSE, which is the name of the band and also the album, comes from being fans of suspense movies, thrillers, and mystery.
It relates with the mysteries of life, the tension of the daily situations, and also the shadows of our fantastic imagination.
One of the songs in the album, “Stranger Things” was based on the Netflix series, so it’s a reference to all this world of suspense…



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