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Su’uka – So Far Away

Su’uka – So Far Away
Su’uka – So Far Away
Su’uka – So Far Away



Artist Name: Su’uka
Song Title: So Far Away
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 12 October 2017






Su’uka – So Far Away
Su’uka is a pop singer/songwriter residing in Portsmouth, UK. New to the music scene, she has released her first two singles titled ‘So Far Away’ and ‘Pink Dreaming’ which is now available on all streaming services. Whilst her sound can be described as a cross between The Weeknd and Ariana Grande, her musical influences are Bob Marley, Sia, and Michael Jackson. Su’uka has scored a good number of plays in the US on radio stations such as Soul Survivor Radio, OA Radio, and W.A.A.P Radio. In the UK, Su’uka has scored plays on stations such as Nova East Radio, Frag Radio and earned a ‘Track of the Week’ spot on BBC Music Introducing: Solent Region. For her songwriting skills, she has earned a certificate of Commended Entry by the UKSC. Su’uka is currently working with Chris Hall from R/S Artist Studios in London to produce her EP.
Su’uka Drops Two New Singles “Pink Dreaming” and “So Far Away” NEW YORK, NY (December 12, 2017) – Pop singer and songwriter, Su’uka, from Portsmouth, United Kingdom dropped two new catchy singles off of her anticipated upcoming EP she has been working on with Chris Hall from R/S Artist music group in London. The two singles are titled “Pink Dreaming” and “So Far Away”. “Pink Dreaming” showcases a more up-tempo demeanor through its beat and repetitive chorus. The lyrics of this song depict a person who has someone in their heart and mind they cannot stop thinking about… This song is a fun one to listen to that will have you singing along by the second time the chorus hits. After one listen, you can’t help but be “Pink Dreaming” about someone you hold close to you!
“So Far Away” draws you in from the start although the lyrics are slightly filled with more remorse through the characterization of the artist wishing they left someone, even though they love them. The beat of this song carries all the way through and is insanely catchy. Su’uka, again, presents a chorus that will definitely be stuck in your head all day. Both songs are available on a variety of streaming services including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon Music.



Discuss the relevance of social networking to music.
The advent of the internet brought with it new ways of communication. Social networks being one of them; usually, people spend most of their time on social networks, and what other better way than to promote music in an arena with a high presence of people if not via social networks. The goal to promote music is to reach as many people as possible. Likewise, the significance of social networking to music is that you can reach a large number of people easier and faster with just a click or two of a button.


Go into detail on why you decided to choose music as a career.
I wrote my first song when I was in primary school. During that time, when I wanted to memorize my class notes for a test, I form songs with my written notes so I do not forget them. I truly fell in love with music in 2005, I had just graduated from primary school and I was involved in a group music competition for my school. Standing on stage singing in front of a large crowd at a young age, seeing the happiness on people’s faces, and feeling their energy is something I will never forget. I joined the choir once I entered secondary school, at the same time, I never stopped writing songs from my early age and to date, I still have books of those unsung materials. As usual, life can be weirdly unfair; even if I do not achieve my aims of being a musician I must have at least afoot at the door of the music industry. However, I will strive to get to my destination. I love music, I have always loved music I cannot imagine doing anything else! I feel I would be miserable without it. Music is something you can do over and over again till you are satisfied. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and the fact that music can be touched on over and over again provides me with a type of flexibility I enjoy. I am not quite where I want to be vocal, I enjoy developing myself in that aspect, there is room to grow and different things to try with music. Apart from me, music is something that connects us all. It is something that everybody loves; I have not met one person that hates music. It is a relief to know that everyone enjoys music, and to be able to provide that to people is a wonderful feeling. Seeing the greats such as Michael Jackson and Bob Marley perform for people and how their music touches the people’s soul, the happiness these people feel, music did that. And as humble as I am, I aspire to get there and I will. Music is a form of art; art is a form of expression. Music allows me to express myself creatively and freely. I cannot achieve that if I do something I do not love. Music is one thing I know how right and I want to spend the rest of my life doing what I love.


Brief us the feedback you are getting from fans on your music.
In general, the feedback is positive. The tone of my singing voice is appreciated, that is the most comments I have received. Considering it is my first single and I am happy for the love that has been shown so far.


Tell us how you record your song.
Once I am done writing, I go to the studio to sing the song for my producer. As I am singing, he is developing the beats and the instrumentals. By then he already has an idea of the beat for my song. I then record what I personally call a ‘voice sketch’. Just so I know what, when, and to sing during certain parts, sort of like a rough sketch for an essay. After the main recording, I give myself a few days away from the song so I listen to it with a fresh mind. I listen to it from different devices and make any changes I need to. After which the song is sent to be mixed and mastered.


Tell us the story behind the song.
‘So Far Away’ is a story about my primary school sweetheart. Although I did not write this song at that time, he is someone I have carried in my heart ever since. We never got the chance to date so I still look back and wish we did. From the chorus, it is certain that I had to let go of him because I felt it was the right thing to do (considering it felt like we were going nowhere). Verse 1 solidifies my doubt in us but at the same time, it expresses what could have been if there was an ‘Us’. Verse 2 is contemplation yet a confession of doubt as well. The bridge is sort of like a cry for help yet the chorus serves as a reminder of the reason for the let-go.


State your musical skills.
Song-writing and vocals… both the skills that I am currently building on.


Tell us how long it takes to complete a song from the start.
Usually, I complete my songs within an hour. However, during the times I am busy with school works or so it usually takes me 3 days.


Go into detail on how you develop your lyrics and melody.
For the lyrics, I make a rough sketch about what I want to talk about in verse 1 and 2. The chorus is usually the first thing I create then I develop from there. I always make use of the online dictionary every time. Because there are some times I want to fit a whole sentence into one word, and there are sometimes I will want to expand on one word into a sentence. I make sure that the theme of the song is consistent throughout. As for the melody, I hardly sit down to form it. It is something that comes in naturally. Some melodies come to me in my sleep and I have to wake up and record them. I have loads of cranky voice notes on my phones because I wake up to record the melody. If I do not do that I will forget my melodies. So I have to have my phone with me at all times because melodies come to me anytime and I have to be ready. For some songs, I give myself a minute to develop the melody for the choruses. For some songs I just keep on singing and going, once I am able to record my melody for the chorus and 1st verse, the bridge becomes easy for me. Also whilst in the studio changes to the melody have to be changed to fit the beat and vice versa, there has to be a balance. In fact, the current melodies of verses on the ‘So Far Away’ song were not the original version. My producer and I worked together to twitch it so it could fit the beat.


State your five favorite genres of music.
Pop; because that is the genre I mostly write on.
Reggae – all because of Bob Marley – I listened to him whilst growing up. My dad played him every morning on my way to school.
R&B – I love R&B… this was what filled the lives of 90’s kids and still today. I think my coming single is pop/R&B.
Hip Hop/Rap – Makes you move your head. I will love to do something with this genre sometime in the future.
Dance – My fourth single has to be dance music. I enjoy it…


Describe the chemistry between you and your fans during a live performance.
Unfortunately for me, I have not yet had a current live performance of my new single. Although as previously mentioned, I have participated in a live performance as a kid. But I just started and I am very new to the music scene so I am looking forward to my first live performance.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
My artist name is actually my birth name, the shortened version of my full name. My full name is Su’ukaneabe, which means God is immortal. The name originates from Adamawa state, the north-eastern part of Nigeria. I love my name Su’uka because it is unique and makes people wonder all the time. It is captivating – I like that.


Discuss your rehearsal.
My rehearsal is mainly vocal warm-ups for now. Lots of lip rolls, relaxing the tongue and neck muscles. I also rehearse my vocal range because I know I need to develop.


State your favorite musical instruments.
I do not know how to play any musical instruments but if I could it would be a piano.


Discuss your personality in full detail.
Well, it’s funny when I get this question because I find it a bit hard to describe my personality because I feel it is something that people tell me based on their experiences with me. However from what I have been told; I am bold and carefree. I normally get that I am funny and warm. I am easy to talk to. Although I get comments that I have a mean face, I have been told that once these people get to know me, they get drawn. Lastly, I have been told that I am humble, this one I know, and it is something that I have to be throughout my life.


Discuss your music career.
My music career is novel at the moment. Whilst I am building my brand, I am under development for the career path I have chosen for myself.


List your musical work.
So Far Away
Pink Dreaming
Thinking of You (this is coming soon- next!).



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