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Broadtube Lux Shoe

Broadtube Lux Shoe

Broadtube Lux Shoe


Broadtube Lux Shoe is a designed shoe by Kolade Olamide Ayodeji. We value high-quality products, eye-catching design, and simplicity. Our brand reflects the blend of fashion and music.


Broadtube Wear and Broadtube Footwear are subsidiaries of Broadtube Business Network.


The slip-on is a classic in the world of sneakers. This special style made by heart-shaped lasered leather makes customizing real fun. Built without laces with small elastic on the side, this model is very comfortable and really quick to wear.


A Unique Limited Edition Product
(Code #FR3314)
Broadtube Lux Shoe is a protected design and Limited Edition product. You can only find very limited quantities here in this shop.


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