Doxter S



Addicted by Doxter S is an upbeat love song with an electro-island beat in the Hip Hop style sung by a female vocalist with 2 backup singers.


Doxter S has started another productive year with publication of Divas for a total of 49 original songs. These original compositions all share common features including catchy melodies and clever, sometimes surprising lyrics. Doxter S sings the male leads joined by a variety of female lead and backing vocals. Doxter S was a finalist in the 2016 Mid Atlantic Song Contest for his original song “Sleep”, and was present for this honor at the 33rd MASC Gala held at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA.


Doxter S has written original Lyrics and Music for 50 original songs starting in 2012. Each song is unique in style, theme, genre, and performance. Over the last few years a natural evolution to more upbeat and emotional music has been generating wider audiences and more airplay, with many more followers on various social media sites. “Addicted” by Doxter S is the latest successful translation of popular culture into original music.


RELEASE DATE: April 15th, 2018











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Castles, the debut single from Alora’s upcoming album “Fear.Armour.Paradise” shows off a natural storytelling progression that takes you through the chapters of life’s sometimes very vulnerable journey. Laced with personal and detailed imagery the music is beautiful in its emotive simplicity. Alora’s ability to paint a vivid landscape through her breathy vocals guides this ambient/chill themed track Castles into a world of its own… transporting you somewhere unexpectedly beachside and tropical with a subtle hint of what could be a Caribbean rhythm. Intent on delivering definition and meaning through her distinct songwriting abilities, the works of Alora are almost works of poetry that challenges the boundaries of more traditional music genre groups.

Born in a wooden house by a coconut plantation, Alora’s childhood was filled with the pleasures of simple island life. A place where parrots perched in papaya trees awoke you in the mornings, where coconut juice and steaming tapioca cakes were what you feasted on before a rickety ride to school; and where entertainment was finding wild clams along the shore, swimming in waterfalls or racing pet tortoises. Her world changed when Alora migrated with her parents to Australia. With a fifty dollar note as the family’s only possession, they arrived into the country with big dreams and a never, ever, quit mantra. MEANING years later, to be married; and in a hilarious twist of unrelenting “First Dance Song” debates with husband-to-be, Alora found her way back to her love of song-writing. She surprised her (then) fiancé with two songs penned for their first dance, “Paradise” and “Castles”. So in a wooden cabin in the forest, with a balcony Jacuzzi under the stars, the unmastered songs were played for the very first time. Citing her cheeky Irish lad as “subtle as a sledgehammer” Alora likens the experience of revealing her compositions as humorously nerve-wrecking. Fortunately, with its Caribbean beat and Latin style rhythms the couple ultimately chose “Castles” for their First Dance. Eloping in Uluwatu with an intimate Bridal Party, and their families, “Castles (First Dance)” received a large wave of support from guests and vendors spring-boarding the song to public attention firstly via social media and then on to iTunes.