Lindsey Stirling – Underground

    Lindsey Stirling – Underground   Website   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   Amazon   Acclaimed and multi-award winning electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling has released a brand new music video for her new single entitled “Underground” through all digital and streaming platforms.   The new song will be part of […]

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Hendrix - Dispirited

    Artist Name: Hendrix   Song Title: Dispirited   Release Date:  6/25/2019   Genre: Indie Electronic/Electronic Pop   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Apple Music   Spotify   Website   Discuss how you find the sounds that fit your vocals. I experiment.  I usually find the sounds and work the vocals […]

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Brother Zulu – Fine!

    Artist Name – Brother Zulu   Song Title – Fine!   Channeling fast lane fever, Brother Zulu weave a genre-bending, soul-quenching banger with their latest release “Fine!”   With a production as equally greasy as the vocals that line the top, it’s an anthem for anyone who’s ever received an ‘invoice of the […]

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Sancii + Drona - Space

                        ARTIST NAME:  Sancii + Drona   SONG TITLE:  Space   RELEASE DATE: 21.03.19   GENRE: Dance / Electronic   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   Discuss your music career. I started playing music in 2006 at […]

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Urchin – Something Outta Nothing

                      SONG TITLE: Something Outta Nothing   ALBUM TITLE: Take Time   RELEASE DATE: 22.02.19   GENRE: Downtempo, Electronic   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   Website . . . Tell us your real names, country of birth and […]

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VOG – Run Away

                  VOG – Run Away   ARTIST NAME: VOG   SONG TITLE: Run Away   RELEASE DATE: 2018   GENRE: Pop/Electro   Facebook   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify     Website   Listening to the sound of Gipsy King in his childhood, Thomas […]

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Matthew Schultz - Somewhere Far

                    Matthew Schultz proves critics wrong with the release of the dance pop song titled ‘Somewhere Far’.   The song unfolds the excellent production skills of Matthem Schultz.   ‘Somewhere Far’ is a blend of dance pop tune with a male vocal.   Production and the […]

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