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Hip-Hop-TV Distribution

Hip-Hop-TV Distribution is a subsidiary of Broadtube Music Distribution created to promote hip-hop artists across the globe.


Hip-Hop-TV Distribution delivers ‘Make It Out’ by Naughty G to digital stores so you can check the EP out!



Naughty G

Javnault Griffin known as Naughty G of Illinois is a stellar rapper with a gritty urban beat and deft ability to switch styles.


The video of his song entitled ‘Swim’ is captivating and the song is beyond appealing.


Naughty G started rapping at age eight and took it seriously at age 20.


With five years under his belt as a recording artist, look for Naughty G to continue his rise as a multi-media artist!


Javnault “Naughty G” Griffin is one of the finest rappers from Rockford, Illinois, United States of America… His ability to switch styles makes him one of the greatest lyricists. The video of the song entitled ‘Swim’ is captivating while the song is appealing. Javnault “Naughty G” Griffin was born April 27, 1993, in Rockford, Illinois, USA. He started rapping at age 8 but took it seriously at age twenty. He has a solid online presence. Naughty G has a five-year experience as a Recording Artist.


















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