Jenn DeSantis

Jenn DeSantis


This song has a contemporary rock feel mixed with classical elements due to my upbringing listening to Elton John and Queen. People say it sounds like Evanescence, Sara Bareilles, and P!nk meets The Cure. It also has a strong message along with the music video. There are not enough LGBTQ+ music videos out there, especially portraying interracial couples and the challenges that come with certain cultures. Aside from having a powerful message, this is also a depiction of a true story. I was still figuring my sexuality and had doubts about my feelings for women due to traditional societal norms. My partner at the time came from a non-supportive family. In the end, we both realized we should be happy with ourselves before we started a relationship period. Be happy with yourself FIRST. It’s not simple, but it’s necessary. From this relationship, I knew I could actually fall in love with a woman and be happy. She realized to be happy too despite what her family thought. It was a sad ending, but a powerful lesson.










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