Jonas Blues + Theresa Rex - What I Like About You

Jonas Blue – What I Like About You


Jonas Blues + Theresa Rex - What I Like About You

Jonas Blues + Theresa Rex – What I Like About You


Artist Name – Jonas Blue + Theresa Rex


Song Title – What I Like About You


Genre – Dance


Video Producer – Jeff Harper


Video Director – Gil Green


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Marvelous British DJ and record maker Jonas Blue teams up with Danish singer Theresa Rex to drop a tuneful song entitled “What I Like About You.”


Jonas made the song. He penned the song with Lene Dissing and Bjørnskov.


The song portrays infatuation. It’s a turbulent relationship between a lady that wants to be in a relationship with her new boyfriend but her family members and friends are against her wish to date the guy. But she turns rebellious to pursue the guy because she loves him.


The audience will relate to the video because practically everyone has been in the plight of loving someone and your parents are intimidating you from seeing that person but you keep insisting because of the influence of love.


The lyrics of the song reveal it all, obvious to figure out and know what the song is all about.


The dramatic video follows the footsteps of the lyrics by setting forth the story behind the song from the start.


Jonas is not a newcomer in making a hit song with an accomplished vocalist.


He has just added another hit song to his credits.


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