Inspired By Lightning - Le Mystique

Le Mystique

Inspired By Lightning - Le Mystique

Inspired By Lightning – Le Mystique



Le Mystique



Le Mystique is a project of Jimmy Dukelow.  Jimmy has been playing the guitar and writing songs since age 12. He studied classical guitar around the age of twenty. Over the next few years he really became rooted in a fingerpicking technique. He employs this style on classical and electric guitar.  From this piece, you can detect a David Gilmour influence.





In 1996 Jimmy recorded “Angels, Roses and Stars” and this was engineered and produced by Jim Reeves in Evanston, Illinois.   This session was a learning experience in recording and mastering songs.  As such he began using Cubase on his computer and recorded and uploaded songs to Jimmy Dukelow taught himself how to play keyboards and dove into the world of the synthesizer with its plethora of sounds. Every new sound brings a new inspiration.  Jimmy later went on to learn how to play the drums.





Dukelow is of French Huguenot heritage.  This inspired the name Le Mystique which translated from French means, “The Mystic”.   The Huguenots left France in the period of the 1500’s through the 1700’s.  The Catholic Church was now the official religion of France.  Huguenot’s were Protestant, (Some perhaps Mystics) being sought out for heresy.





The Le Mystique project began in late 2011.




Jimmy’s vision of Le Mystique, is that of mystical, the unexplained, metaphysical, but perhaps explainable.  The main theme of the music is good.  It has a message for the world, to enlighten, to inspire and to heal.  The music of Le Mystique can transcend many genres.  Most of which being; Indie/Alternative rock.





Dukelow sings baritone, and has a similarity to Depeche Mode’s David Gahan.





There is a nice fusion of electronica and a touch of a bluesy David Gilmore and other various guitar riffs.   Most of the songs are rhythmic and fluid.    2018 is going to be a great year for Le Mystique, with several songs in motion pictures pending.  It also brings about the soon to be released LP, “A Deeper Space”.























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