Lodato & PollyAnna – Sober

Lodato & PollyAnna – Sober







Lodato & PollyAnna – Sober

Lodato & PollyAnna – Sober





Lodato teams up with PollyAnna to drop an amazing song entitled ‘Sober.’


The song is one of a kind.


‘Sober’ is a catchy song with a symphonic vocal and inspirational instrumentation pleasing to the ears.


The performance is impressive.


Duration of the song is not so long but the audience will enjoy to the fullest under the magical power of the striking vocal.


She sings in a storytelling way while the instrumentation goes in harmony with the vocal thereby giving birth to a new brand acoustic song.


Wonderful production and arrangement add to the quality of the song.


One can feel the power of music from the start to the end of the song.


‘Sober’ is compelling.


Excellent delivery of words and the deep lyrics make the musical work more interesting.


Level of musicality is high.


The production is extraordinary.


I think a new star is born into the music industry.


We look forward to more songs from Lodato & PollyAnna.






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