Major Lazer + Anitta – Make It Hot


Major Lazer + Anitta – Make It Hot


Major Lazer + Anitta – Make It Hot


















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Diplo’s Major Lazer debuts summer single ‘Make it Hot’ featuring Brazilian superstar Anitta, in association with Bacardi.


The song unites Spanish-language vocals from Anitta with the crew’s dancehall-inspired signature sound.


The song is the crew’s second teamwork with Anitta following ‘Sue Cara,’ which was the fastest video to have 1 million likes on YouTube and one of the biggest YouTube video launches of 2017 with over 25 million views in its first 24 hours.


“It’s amazing when you work in synergy with someone who completes you artistically,” says Anitta. “Having the opportunity to write/compose another song with Major Lazer was really special. We have developed this energy that is similar to being around family and close friends when we work together. It’s good to be able to bounce ideas off each other and that’s something that happens naturally now. I think it’s difficult for anyone to listen to this song and remain still.”


Major Lazer is the name of the group’s fictional figurehead, a one-armed, Jamaican Zombie War commando with an experimental Lazer arm and a secret identity as a Trinidadian dancehall club owner, embodying the group’s mission to free the universe with music.


With the assistance of his longtime partners, Major Lazer released 2009’s ‘Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do’ and 2013’s ‘Free the Universe’ reaching billions across the globe with their message of world peace.


In 2015, Major Lazer returned with ‘Peace Is the Mission,’ this time enlisting friends from across the world to accomplish his goal of making the world smaller by making the party bigger. By bringing their music and dance to every corner of the world, they unify the masses and achieve Major Lazer’s mission of peace.


This new era marks the emergence of the Major Lazer character from the beyond (designed by Ferry Guow).


Major Lazer has found enlightenment and given up his physical body, returning to spread the message of Lazerism with the help of Diplo, Walshy Fire, and the Lazer Gyals.


His message has taken the form of music and his teachings the form of songs for Diplo and Walshy to put down on records. He anointed the Lazer Gyals as high priestesses of dance. Together they will spread his message near and far.


The global superstar Diplo is at Major Lazer’s helm. As one of pop’s most in-demand producers, Diplo has worked with Beyonce, Madonna, Robyn, M.I.A. and many more. He unveiled a new country project, Thomas Wesley, and its first track, ‘So Long,’ featuring Nashville superstar Cam, followed by a performance at Stagecoach. Further recent releases include a deep house ‘Higher Ground EP’ and the debut of a brand-new show at his Coachella headline set, and the ‘Europa EP’ for which Diplo hand selected a cast of rising European artists.


Diplo also exercised his collaborative spirit with the psychedelic supergroup LSD with Sia and Labrinth, streamed over one billion times to date, and the Grammy-winning house project Silk City with Mark Ronson. With three albums under their belt, Major Lazer continues to fight for peace and freedom through music.


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