DJ Scandalous - Move On

DJ Scandalous – Move On


DJ Scandalous - Move On

DJ Scandalous – Move On


Artist Name:  DJ Scandalous


Song Title: Move On












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DJ Scandalous releases an amusing music video for the song entitled ‘Move On.’


The cheering music video is interesting to watch.


‘Move On’ is a catchy song featuring a female vocal with an uplifting dance beat.



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2019 Chicago Music Award nominee, DJ Scandalous was born and raised in Chicago where his family’s musical heritage shaped his musical journey at an early age.


In today’s music world where collaborations with DJs are becoming more and more popular, DJ Scandalous is breaking through all the barriers with his philosophy “I am a fan of all genres but a prisoner to none.”



For over a decade he’s honed his songwriting and producing, whilst promoting the work of both independent and major artists in Europe, United States and Worldwide for artists such as Stevie Wonder and Raynard Miner, Cyndi Lauper, Matt Houston (Sony Music France), Fabrice Sioul (Sony Music UK), the LOX, Trina and Red Café to name a few.


His following around the world attests to his Pop without limits tapestry that includes Hip Hop, R&B, EDM, and Pop, infused with subtle classical influences – from rock to the great international masters. Expect a musical journey where each track is an opportunity to explore our hearts and minds, uniting us and inspiring us, with a heart-to-heart conversation reminding us how art tears down barriers and rejects limits.


His ambition is to be recognized as a prolific songwriter and music producer.