NevilleSounds - Ending Scene

NevilleSounds – Ending Scene







NevilleSounds - Ending Scene

NevilleSounds – Ending Scene






Artist Name:  NevilleSounds


Song Title:  Ending Scene














NevilleSounds brings to life a brand-new video for the song entitled ‘Ending Scene.’


The lyrics of the songs are deep and Nevillesounds sings from the heart.


The audience can grab the lyrics and relate to it.



London born Multi-instrumentalist and Singer/Songwriter, Aaron Kieran Neville, achieves a rare thing, with his years-in-the-making Solo project, ‘Nevillesounds.’ Creation of compelling, irresistible and unexpected pop tunes for the current times.


Referencing qualities of his favourite artists: Prince, Pearl Jam, Haim, Faith No More and Stevie Wonder, ‘Nevillesounds’ presents a rich offering of sharp piano hooks, fearless soundscapes, and big themes.


The brightness of pop, the edge of rock, and the soulfulness of Motown converge to deliver a broad spectrum against the status quo.


Tunes to get your feet moving and your heart beating.