Fake Fake - Goodnightmare

    Fake Fake – Goodnightmare   ARTIST NAME: Fake Fake   SONG TITLE:  Goodnightmare   RELEASE DATE: May 10th, 2019   GENRE: R&B   Facebook   Twitter   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   Bandcamp   Website   With a love affair for popular music with a purpose, and artists that attempt to […]

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Georgie Femme – (Yo Yo Yo You’re So So) Sweet To Me

    ARTIST NAME: Georgie Femme SONG TITLE:  (Yo Yo Yo You’re So So) Sweet To Me   RELEASE DATE: 26/04/2019   GENRE: Indie-Pop Facebook   Twitter     Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Amazon   Spotify   Bandcamp Georgie Femme bring a fresh queer perspective to modern British guitar-pop.   Frontwoman Georgie McBurnie’s lyric-heavy, allegoric […]

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Antoinernb – Let Me Live

    ARTIST NAME: Antoinernb   SONG TITLE:  Let Me Live   ALBUM TITLE: Let Me Live   GENRE:  R&B   Instagram   Facebook   Twitter     Tell us how you arrange your song. I create the idea in my head and then record it so that I won’t forget the melody or the […]

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AhmniMay – On My Way

    ARTIST NAME: AhmniMay   SONG TITLE: On My Way   ALBUM TITLE: LoveStill – EP   GENRE: R&B / Hip Hop   Facebook   Twitter   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   AhmniMay is a lyrical singer / rapper / songwriter duo consisting of two sisters, Ahmni Love and May that are […]

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Lūkka - Feelings For You

                        Lūkka – Feelings For You   ARTIST NAME: Lūkka   SONG TITLE: Feelings For You   ALBUM TITLE: California, Baby!   RELEASE DATE: March 29th 2019   GENRE: Pop   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Apple Music   Amazon   […]

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D Fine Us - Post Truth Era Blues

                      ARTIST NAME: D Fine Us   SONG TITLE:  Post Truth Era Blues   ALBUM TITLE: Safe To Disconnect   RELEASE DATE: 25.02.2019   GENRE: Neo Blues, Contemporary R&B   Facebook   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   Reverbnation   Bandcamp   […]

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Baby D – Mama

                  ARTIST NAME: Baby D   SONG TITLE: Mama   ALBUM TITLE: Queen Of Judah The Mini Album   RELEASE DATE: February 16, 2017   GENRE: R&B/Soul   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Spotify   State your reason for choosing music as a career. […]

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          JDVBBS Name the artists that have influenced you so far. For this album, Drake and Kanye are big influences. Also singer-songwriters like JP cooper and rappers like Ty Dolla & Bryson Tiller. . . . Mention the name of the artist you can regard as the “Greatest Of All Time”. […]

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Mycheal - Urge

        Mycheal – Urge   This rising crooner was born and raised in Atlanta and at an early age discovered his gifted voice and niche for songwriting. Making his official debut, the singer/songwriter has released his very first single with the sultry “Urge.”     Mycheal blends his church styled vocals and […]

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