Antoinernb – Let Me Live

    ARTIST NAME: Antoinernb   SONG TITLE:  Let Me Live   ALBUM TITLE: Let Me Live   GENRE:  R&B   Instagram   Facebook   Twitter     Tell us how you arrange your song. I create the idea in my head and then record it so that I won’t forget the melody or the […]

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AhmniMay – On My Way

    ARTIST NAME: AhmniMay   SONG TITLE: On My Way   ALBUM TITLE: LoveStill – EP   GENRE: R&B / Hip Hop   Facebook   Twitter   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   AhmniMay is a lyrical singer / rapper / songwriter duo consisting of two sisters, Ahmni Love and May that are […]

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Lūkka - Feelings For You

                        Lūkka – Feelings For You   ARTIST NAME: Lūkka   SONG TITLE: Feelings For You   ALBUM TITLE: California, Baby!   RELEASE DATE: March 29th 2019   GENRE: Pop   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Apple Music   Amazon   […]

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D Fine Us - Post Truth Era Blues

                      ARTIST NAME: D Fine Us   SONG TITLE:  Post Truth Era Blues   ALBUM TITLE: Safe To Disconnect   RELEASE DATE: 25.02.2019   GENRE: Neo Blues, Contemporary R&B   Facebook   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   Reverbnation   Bandcamp   […]

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Baby D – Mama

                  ARTIST NAME: Baby D   SONG TITLE: Mama   ALBUM TITLE: Queen Of Judah The Mini Album   RELEASE DATE: February 16, 2017   GENRE: R&B/Soul   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Spotify   State your reason for choosing music as a career. […]

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          JDVBBS Name the artists that have influenced you so far. For this album, Drake and Kanye are big influences. Also singer-songwriters like JP cooper and rappers like Ty Dolla & Bryson Tiller. . . . Mention the name of the artist you can regard as the “Greatest Of All Time”. […]

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Mycheal - Urge

        Mycheal – Urge   This rising crooner was born and raised in Atlanta and at an early age discovered his gifted voice and niche for songwriting. Making his official debut, the singer/songwriter has released his very first single with the sultry “Urge.”     Mycheal blends his church styled vocals and […]

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Kina Monic

  Kina Monic       Kina Monic is an American singer born and raised in Miami, FL. From childhood, she has always had an interest in music. She would spend all her time watching music videos and spent her allowances on cassette tapes and CDs from her favorite artists. Her earliest vocal influence was […]

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