Fake Fake - Goodnightmare

    Fake Fake – Goodnightmare   ARTIST NAME: Fake Fake   SONG TITLE:  Goodnightmare   RELEASE DATE: May 10th, 2019   GENRE: R&B   Facebook   Twitter   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   Bandcamp   Website   With a love affair for popular music with a purpose, and artists that attempt to […]

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Georgie Femme – (Yo Yo Yo You’re So So) Sweet To Me

    ARTIST NAME: Georgie Femme SONG TITLE:  (Yo Yo Yo You’re So So) Sweet To Me   RELEASE DATE: 26/04/2019   GENRE: Indie-Pop Facebook   Twitter     Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Amazon   Spotify   Bandcamp Georgie Femme bring a fresh queer perspective to modern British guitar-pop.   Frontwoman Georgie McBurnie’s lyric-heavy, allegoric […]

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AhmniMay – On My Way

    ARTIST NAME: AhmniMay   SONG TITLE: On My Way   ALBUM TITLE: LoveStill – EP   GENRE: R&B / Hip Hop   Facebook   Twitter   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   AhmniMay is a lyrical singer / rapper / songwriter duo consisting of two sisters, Ahmni Love and May that are […]

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Lūkka - Feelings For You

                        Lūkka – Feelings For You   ARTIST NAME: Lūkka   SONG TITLE: Feelings For You   ALBUM TITLE: California, Baby!   RELEASE DATE: March 29th 2019   GENRE: Pop   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Apple Music   Amazon   […]

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D Fine Us - Post Truth Era Blues

                      ARTIST NAME: D Fine Us   SONG TITLE:  Post Truth Era Blues   ALBUM TITLE: Safe To Disconnect   RELEASE DATE: 25.02.2019   GENRE: Neo Blues, Contemporary R&B   Facebook   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   Reverbnation   Bandcamp   […]

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Montebello – Dance

                          ARTIST NAME: Montebello   SONG TITLE: Dance   ALBUM TITLE: Ballerina Vocale   RELEASE DATE: 28th November, 2018   GENRE: Soul Acoustic   Facebook   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify         Montebello is a recently formed acoustic trio […]

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Amahla - Dorothy's Verses

                    Palpable uncertainty of issues like Brexit, immigration and women’s rights threatens to douse the flames of creativity in the next generation. But in times of hardship, authentic voices, stories and creativity can always thrive.   Hackney native Amahla is a prime example of this. After […]

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Sannie Fox - My Soul Got Stranger

Sannie Fox – My Soul Got Stranger                   Sannie Fox – My Soul Got Stranger   Sannie Fox is an iconic singer that will create timeless songs for those who know and value original composition and sound.     She has a compelling vocal that will make […]

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