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Tall Children – Prey

Tall Children - Prey

Tall Children - Prey
Tall Children – Prey


Go into detail on why you decide to choose music as a career. 
I honestly don’t know how to do anything else. Or to be more specific, I could try my best at anything else but music is the one thing that I love to try the hardest! The path of a musician is always paved with cracks in the road, sideswipes, and chicanes so why embark on this journey? Well, it’s because you have something to say…music is a means for me to say the thing that I want to say and convey it in a way that can inspire people and encourage them to see my message and jump on board the train.
Brief us the feedback you are getting from fans concerning your music. 
The response has been overwhelmingly positive so far. We have been building and building and even though Tall Children is relatively new as an idea, the first video has had over 10K views, the 2nd one over 5K views, and the last single is on its way to 8K Views, which is all pretty remarkable given that we’ve made no real effort to market them officially.  We’re currently hovering at around 2K monthly listeners on Spotify which is great news. We’ve let the music speak for itself and the fans decide if they like it or not, and the numbers are saying that they definitely do!
Discuss the relevance of social networking to music. 
It’s not only relevant, but it’s also crucial. Without the internet artists would literally have to be dredging the doors of their local pubs, record labels, agents, and managers night after night, and let’s just say, it would be a lot harder. The internet gives you the scope to be able to put things out there globally but also to be able to receive feedback from the likes of bloggers, industry experts, and lay people or fans alike. This is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to genuinely connect with a fan base. It’s an excellent way of understanding who your audience truly are…it’s exactly the process that I’m engaged in right now.
Brief us about the recording of this song. 
‘Prey’ came about from a riff on the acoustic guitar. I was told to write a song for the purposes of pitching to a label and the whole thing came about in about 2 hours, though it didn’t stop there. It was very ropey and the lyrics weren’t refined, it was purely just to demonstrate a particular point. Later on, I liked the ideas in it so much though that I took it to my producer Rich Turvey (Blossoms) and we began to fashion it into something cooler, bigger, and get it talking about something relevant.
Tell us the story behind the song. 
The story is all in the chorus. The song is about the fantasy of accessing circles above your station. It is the notion that in life we are all predators and prey to someone, whether it is your job, your partner, or your dreams. The chorus talks about a fantasy of triumphing over the cliques and pitfalls that particularly inhabit the music industry: “one day I’ll be standing tall, looking down you’re on the floor because I’m waiting for the day when you’ve become the prey for all…”


State your area of specialization in music. 
Writing and performing.
Tell us how long it takes to finish a song from the start. 
Generally speaking, it can be any length of time, there’s no magic formula. I definitely spend no longer than a few days writing a song…you generally know whether or not you’re on to something very quickly.  The fastest I’ve written, recorded, mixed, and sent a song is 1hr 30 minutes.
Go into detail on how you develop your lyrics and melody.
Melody is a dark art, generally it just kind of comes to me in my sleep, or while I’m daydreaming! If I’m in a writing session I generally have a very instinctual approach to melody and just go with what feels natural, though I’m very particular about it being the best that it can be. Nothing is ever just left with a “that’ll do” mentality. Lyrics are generally quite a personal thing since I always begin by defining what it is I’m trying to say. Sometimes the message is the hardest thing to come up with, but once I understand the story and the thoughts behind it, lyrics tend to flow quite seamlessly. It just becomes a case of stripping away the inessentials.


Discuss music generally in full detail. 
The state of the music business currently is really quite terrifying. From the top to the bottom it seems to me that no one really knows definitively how it works! That’s I suppose where the fun and the excitement is because every day is new. It can also be a constant battle to try to understand where or how you get to the next platform. My ethos is that you just do what you do best and do it as carefully and as excellently as you can. Ignore the naysayers and just keep going!
State your five favourite genres of music. 
Pop – It’s naturally what I love and what I want to sound like
Jazz – It’s what I grew up on and what I learned from
Blues – Being a guitarist it’s pretty essential. It’s so soulful and teaches so much
House/ Electronic – I love sounds and sonics and House offers up the goods
Classical – If pop is like eating sweets then classical music is like having a big meal, there’s so much to get your teeth in to.
Discuss your rehearsal. 
I keep it as natural and as instinctive as possible. I’m not one for drilling for 8 hours a day. I’m all about keeping the buzz alive and sometimes that can go after an hour if you’re not too careful. I keep rehearsals as spontaneous and as fun as possible whilst trying to get some serious work done. I think that’s how humans learn in general.


State your favorite musical instruments. 
Guitar, Piano, Drums.
Describe the chemistry between you and your fans during a live performance. 
The chemistry is electric. It’s really something when people you’ve never met are singing your own songs back to you. There’s nothing like it in the world. There’s been all manner of strange things given to me on stage and after the performance!
Discuss your personality in full detail. 
I hate all things that are vanilla and I’d rather put something out there that people hated rather than something people were indifferent to. The worst thing to me is anonymity and indifference. I’m pretty bold and confident when it comes to most situations which I suppose has helped a lot in the creation of Tall Children since it’s been quite a battle getting things off the ground. It’s all been worth it though.


Tell us about your musical background. 
I first started learning the guitar when I was 5 years old from my dad. I played my first gig when I was 13 and then subsequently managed to hook up with guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel. I became his pupil for years and we are still in touch today. I went to LIPA music college (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) and immediately went straight out into bands, writing for artists, adverts, and performing as a session guy on anything I could get my hands on. The rest is history.
List your musical work. 
Tall Children has released:
Torch Songs – Solsbury Hill (Cover)
Wake Up With You
More Than This
Song For You


Give us the links to purchase your music and contact you.



Share your memorable experiences with us. 
Playing “Yesterday” with Paul McCartney
Playing “Don’t Stop” with Mick Fleetwood
Playing with the Ulster Orchestra on the Odyssey Arena Belfast to 8,000 people.
Tell us the good and bad side of mankind you know. 
I’ve already said it in the name. We’re all Tall Children. Being child-like is a positive thing and it kindles all the images of playfulness, creativity, and following your passion. However, childishness is not a good thing, being childish is all about selfishness, greed, and avarice. We’re all flicking back and forth in our lives between these two extremes because playing with our emotions is what we do best, whether you’re a lad from a council estate in Liverpool or you’re Donald Trump. Tall Children is about stating the best side of our personalities and is about speaking to those qualities that best inspire and unite people, rather than isolating them.




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