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Tarzanaland – No No Song

Tarzanaland – No No Song

Tarzanaland – No No Song
Tarzanaland – No No Song



ARTIST NAME: Tarzanaland
GENRE: Country



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Tarzanaland is an American country duo consisting of vocalist Kelly Kidd (from Houston, Texas) and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Gallmeier (from New York).
The young band emerged in Los Angeles in late 2015 after several years of starting their careers in honky-tonks (the Podunk Poets) and on the dance floor (Mot & Krid).
Both had met several years before when Kidd had asked Gallmeier to drum in a new project. He agreed and together they went on to sign a songwriting/production deal with Grammy-winning producer Glen Ballard.
Kidd is most known for fronting and touring with the traditional country band The Podunk Poets all over the U.S. and making appearances at country music festivals including STAGECOACH.
Gallmeier’s unique songwriting/production releases have landed him on several European charts.
Combining Kidd’s and Gallmeier’s unique musical experiences, their music has been tagged as a pop-country – transitioning from the traditional country feel to their own hybrid modern sound and lyrical focus about cutting loose, forgiveness, political satire, and personal evolution.



Tell us your name, country of birth, and childhood experience.
Vocalist Kelly Kidd is from Houston, Texas and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Gallmeier was born in New York and grew up in Germany. We both discovered our passion for music at an early age, singing and playing drums.


Tell us how you discover country music.
Kelly’s mom was an event planner in Houston and would run oilmen and convention folks thru tourist attractions. One of the places was Gilley’s. So Kidd, as a small child, came to know and meet many legendary country music acts such as Tammy Wynette & George Jones. It was here, Kelly became mesmerized by the songs and show business stylings of classic country. Clint Black would become a family friend and sang at his mother’s wedding.


Brief us your experience creating your first song.
Well, we both had different experiences individually; however, writing our first song together naturally came about, after having worked together in different bands and in the studio on various sessions.  The first Tarzanaland song we created was ‘Saving Grace.’


List the name of the artists that have influenced you.
Currently, Glen Campbell’s vocal stylings mixed with classic fun party songwriters like Johnny Paycheck. Country artists that have been famous for putting on a great show, from Buck Owens to even today’s Florida Georgia Line. Those are the types of acts that inspire us to celebrate a county lifestyle.


Discuss the difference between the old school songs and new school songs.
There wouldn’t be anything new without the old. We can appreciate the journey of country music from its roots – The difference being the production style. We believe it comes down to how you want to dance.  The craving for a lot of folks currently is a pop-country crossover. It lends its self to big grooves and heavy beats that can create some line dancing heaven. There’s no better way to flirt with someone than to have them step down!


Discuss the evolution in the sound of country music.
Well, it all started in the churches – The hymns, the heart and soul of storytelling. Along with the evolution of pop culture, country music found itself going through its own trial and error. Sometimes the music itself got lost to trends or the fashion of the moment.
At the end of it all, it’s the country lifestyle that keeps its fans together. We can’t keep comparing the old country to the new. After all, in the pop world, nobody is talking about why Justin Bieber can’t be more like Sinatra. It’s a different world but again similar in lifestyle – Songs of sex, love, women, and partying. They sing about the same things but technology changed the production of the songwriting but not necessarily the lyrics.


List the name of your favorite artists and state your reason.
George Jones – storyteller
Kasey Musgraves – risk taker
Morgan Wallen – fresh
Tammy Wynette – vocal goddess
Garth Brooks – showman
Loretta Lynn – a trailblazer
Buck Owens – classic
Lo Cash – brings the party…


Explain what you understand by country music to the best of your knowledge.
It is music that comes from the heart and relates to people everywhere, from coast to coast and from small towns to big cities.


Discuss country music in detail.
True country music speaks to the heart of a community of folks who share a common ground.
The best songs are ones that folks can relate to – A breakup, faith, family, lifestyle, work, loss.
What better way to communicate a message than through music. Country music fans will always let you know whether or not you understand them.
They can elevate you to the next level in seconds.


List the name of country music’s greatest producers and state your reason.
Billy Sherrill – that classic country sound we love.  Stand By Your Man – the best.
Owen Bradly – that Nashville sound – Revolutionizing country as they use to know it.
Allen Reynolds – Garth Brooks magic!
Al De Lory – Glen Campbell’s Wichita Limeman – glorious.


List the name of country music greatest songwriters and state your reason.
Dolly Parton – pitch-perfect top lines and stories
George Jones – set the bar
Merle Haggard – California trailblazer
Glen Campbell, Dierks Bentley, Garth Brooks, Chris Stapleton too many to name…


List the name of country music greatest artists and state your reason.
Johnny Cash – rebel
Loretta Lynn – rebel
Tammy Wynette – Queen
George Jones – King
Dolly Parton – an iconic performer
Garth Brooks – brings us all together…


Discuss the changes that can benefit country music.
A movement to celebrate more female artists in a male-driven industry – We have friends at Rebelle Road Production leading that charge out of L.A. We believe in that mission.


Tell us how you compose or write lyrics.
We let the melody dictate the emotion of the lyrics – Always.


Tell us how you make the beat.
We prefer calling it songwriting. We usually start with a melody idea or chord progression that triggers an emotion or memory of an experience. Then get a groove that supports the idea and the rest will fall into place.


Brief us about your recording experience in the studio.
We have gone full circle, from being artists or session musicians that showed up to be recorded, working with producers and engineers to producing and engineering our own sessions these days.


Tell us how you get involved in country music.
Be a fan first.  The rest will present itself.


Tell us your gain and loss as an artist.
The gain is to express yourself and share your journey through life with an audience. For that you might give up some financial stability, your life will certainly less predictable.


Tell us the piece of advice you will give to a new artist.
It may sound trivial however it is true, never give up. And always play and write from the heart.


Discuss the music industry.
It has completely changed over the past ten years or so. It’s all DIY now.  Social media rules and Spotify is King.  Playlist or no list!


State your future goal.
Meeting and making new fans. We are getting ready to go on tour and might be coming to a town near you, starting November 13th, 2019.


Discuss the process involved in making this song.
No No Song, our latest release, is a cover song of Ringo Starr’s Hit from the ’70. We really loved the lyrics and wanted to create a new soundscape that would re-interpret the fun and sarcasm and make it a great live performance track – Moonshine, pot-smoking, country cocaine, what could possibly go wrong?


Tell us how you come up with the title of the song and your artist’s name.
No No Song – just sticking to the original title.
Tarzanaland – our studio is in Tarzana, California Just steps away from the Edgar Burroughs estate. We thought why Sugarland when you can get wild in Tarzanaland.



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