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Taylor-Louise – Generation Now

Taylor-Louise – Generation Now
Taylor-Louise – Generation Now



ARTIST NAME:   Taylor-Louise
SONG TITLE:  Generation Now
ALBUM TITLE:  Black Heart
RELEASE DATE: 3rd May 2019
GENRE: Alternative-pop



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From the age of 12 Taylor-Louise began developing her craft; writing songs from experiences she’d had from difficult times of acceptance and her ability to read situations.
And after just a year of performing live, she began recording and released her debut EP ‘Jealous Eyes’, which led on to the second release ‘Take A Look At Me Now.’
She launched her EP ‘Broken Reflection’ in October 2017 and shortly after began working closely with a London-based studio perfecting her artistry releasing the single “Twenty-Three” in 2018, prior to the upcoming EP ‘Black Heart.’
Hoping to inspire young influential and like-minded people to love themselves, through songs with relatable feelings, Taylor has achieved many successes including BBC C&W Band of the month.
Her passion for her image to stand out from a crowd is a message that “fitting in doesn’t create happiness, but ‘accepting who you are’ does!”



Tell us how you build up the tune for this song.
I felt the lyrics speak for themselves, so we decided to go with an understated intro and pulled back the instrumental approach, and gave it the light-hearted lift that it needed after the chorus!


Tell us the best means of becoming a famous artist and selling more records.
Fame and success have two different meanings to me. Fame requires making people think or believe you have, or are something that they NEED to aspire to, it doesn’t necessarily mean you inspire people.
If there was a specific formula to becoming a famous artist, I’m pretty sure most people would have used it and be famous by now.
There is no one specific route and I question what it really means to be a famous artist? Selling more records means writing lyrics worth listening to, or with meaning that is relatable, and crafting them alongside an appealing track/build-up of music.
However, it extends much further than this… Hard work, being someone that people genuinely have an interest in and networking are just some of the alternate ingredients.


Tell us how fans are reacting to your music.
Currently quite positively – The more open and expressive I have become, and active about wellbeing, mental health, and self-love, the more people have taken an interest.
As soon as I began to accept myself for who I was, and want to inspire and help others, the more people have listened. My music has grown with me, and so has my audience.


Explain how to deal with fear on stage.
Overcoming fear means overcoming judgment. Once you let go of other validation that’s when true joy and contentment come in, and you can be present at the moment to love the entire experience. I always have fun on stage.


Tell us your point of view on the quality of production of today’s songs to old songs and point out what you think has changed.
Technology has grown massively over the years and so the quality inevitably would improve with the production of today’s songs… However, there is something I love about the authenticity of older-produced songs.


Tell us how you come across the lyrics of this song.
I write what I feel. Unfortunately, it usually means going through something quite tough emotionally – Writing is my coping mechanism and release.


Tell us your best means of expressing yourself.
Performing is the best way to express myself and my messages; it really showcases the emotion of the lyrics I write.


Tell us your opinion on using music to deliberate on issues affecting people like corruption, immoralities, politics, and religion. 
It has both positive and negative means. It depends on the intention of the person witting a song or using a piece of music behind the topic. Music is a very powerful tool! It can reach into the subconscious mind…


Discuss how you plan to create a piece of timeless music that your fans can cherish forever. 
Lyrics are the most important part of a song to me, if you write with feeling, then it’s inevitable that others will feel the same…


Tell us your viewpoint on discriminating.
I would hope that we are beginning to live in a more open-minded world… Discriminating invoked such negative feelings that can’t be good for anyone.


Tell us your favorite books and state your reason. 
Anything on self-love, it’s the only thing you’re never taught in school yet is so important for wellbeing and mental health!


Tell us what triggers your creativity. 
The idea of someone else feeling anyway that I once was made to feel – To share that they aren’t alone and things can and do get better. Wanting to spread positivity and create a better community that can learn to heal.


Tell us how you generate musical ideas for your composition.
I pretty much let the songs write themselves, I play around with a few chords on the guitar and stick with what resonates with how I feel.
I’ve never set out to write a specific genre. That’s probably why each of my songs has its own personality and is a little different from the last.


Tell us how you compose your song.
Lyrics pretty much come to my mind if I feel I have something important to say. I’ll start by having a jam on my guitar and just let the words fall out. If I feel strongly about something or it’s an important topic, the song can be written within the hour.


Elaborate on the song.
‘Generation Now’ touches base with one of my experiences that helped shape who I am today. It explains a journey of overcoming trying to fit in and be what everyone expected, from putting myself down to picking myself up. This song is all about a need for self-acceptance.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
Taylor-Louise is the name I was born with; it’s my real, double-barrelled first name (and for some reason, it confuses everyone).
I love it, it’s unique and I’ve never come across anyone else with a name like it.
Though it took me a long time because not many people understood it, as soon as I started embracing it, everything changed.



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