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Terra Bu – No More

Terra Bu – No More


Terra Bu – No More
Terra Bu – No More


RELEASE DATE: 02/04/2019
GENRE: Hip Hop



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Discuss your music career.
I started making music in the late ’80s and everything came to light when I released a song named, ‘SIPPN ON THAT RIO‘. The song was on FM radio stations on both the east and west coast and also in the Midwest.


Brief us on how to impress fans during a live performance.
I just give them my all with presence and my words.


List the names of your biggest supporters.
My family and the owners of Image Entertainment are my biggest supporters.


Explain what has motivated you so far in your music career.
I was heavily influenced by old Motown artists, and by Biggie Smalls.


Discuss your experience as an artist.
It’s been some ups and downs, but I’m still here and still growing.


Tell us the biggest mistake you have ever made in your music career.
I would say one big mistake was not taking the ‘Sippn On That Rio’ song and everything it involved more seriously.


Discuss the story behind the song.
No more – it’s just about being you and being comfortable with where you are and who you are.


Tell us how to fund a music project.
My management handles all that.


Tell us the greatest piece of advice someone has given you as an artist.
To just let it flow. And never doubt yourself.


Tell us what you will improve or change in your music.
Not sure at this point.


Discuss your best mood during a performance.
When I see the crowd nodding heads and repeating my words that alone gives the best mood.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
Terra Bu. Just be you. It shows who I am.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
No more – Just a time when you are done with all the craziness people want to give you.



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