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The Buffalo Skinners

The Buffalo Skinners
The Buffalo Skinners
The Buffalo Skinners



Artist Name:  The Buffalo Skinners
Song Title:  Washing My Hands






Sheffield band reveal topical video for new track ‘Washing My Hands
Sheffield’s The Buffalo Skinners are back with an educational video demonstrating their take on the official World Health Organisation hand washing steps. ‘Washing My Hands’ – the first taste of the bands’ upcoming new album – will be released digitally on 24th April, via Loose Chat Records.
Following on in the same style as 2019s double A-Side ‘Do What You Want/You Say Love, But You Mean Hate’ ‘Washing My Hands’ was recorded live to two-inch tape with Lee Smith and Jamie Lockhart at Leeds’ Greenmount studios. (The Cribs, Easy Life, The Vaccines.)  The song has been described by a close friend of the band (who wishes to remain anonymous) as “Catchy as COVID-19.”
Too soon? Too soon.
Greenmount studio is the proud owner of the very tape machine that recorded  The Beatles studio sessions in Hamburg in the early 60s, being one of Pete and James’ go-to bands, they recorded ‘Washing Your Hands’ with a nod to Rubber Soul wide panning the bass and drums and tracking the vocals.
Despite sounding like it was written with the Coronavirus in mind, songwriter Peter Seccombe says ‘Washing My Hands’ is about becoming content with the unwanted change in your life.
“When you’re stuck, and you can’t see no way out. The light bulb flashes above your head. You can just wave goodbye, shut the door, or wash your hands.”
In the video to ‘Washing My Hands’ the playful nursery rhyme sing-song style syncs with Peter Seccombe (Guitar and Vocals) delivering an enthusiastic Jamie Oliver style cookery-program presentation, that has him demonstrating a thorough hand scrubbing, juggling bars of soap, and drinking red wine. (Perhaps more Keith Floyd) …
The video was made one afternoon just days before the national UK lockdown was announced by Boris Johnson.  James Nicholls (fiddle, piano, and vocals) who shot and edited the video added: “We wanted to get some additional footage of Pete heading off to a farmers market, talking to vendors about their soap, but I think now that would be deemed inessential travel.”
Melting together the 60’s stylings of The Beatles and The Band with more modern groups like Felice Brothers, the group now have three full-length studio albums under their belts over their decade long career, the most recent of these being 2016’s ‘Cease Your Dreaming’ produced by Mercury Prize-nominated Colin Eliot (Richard Hawley, Kylie, Slow Club).
The Buffalo Skinners paint from a broad palette of influence but maintain their core sound through James Nicholls’ unmistakable violin playing and Peter Seccombe’s sharp British lyricism. The band are working on a fourth full-length album, which they have recently posted a Kickstarter to help fund after losing out on bookings due to the Corona Virus.
The Buffalo Skinners are: Peter Seccombe (guitar & vocals), James Nicholls (violin, piano & vocals) David Haynes (bass), Phil Nixon (guitar & vocals), and Miles Stapleton (drums)



Previous Praise:
“Packed with neat lyrical turns and melodies that recall Whitney’s debut album” – Clash Magazine


“Their music is painted vividly across a broad canvas, using a palette that draws easily from traditional folk and rock ‘n’ roll”
 – God Is In the TV


“The Buffalo Skinners aren’t a band with any desire to be pinned down to a single sound, wherever the music takes them, The Buffalo Skinners are well worth following.”
– For The Rabbits


“There’s a maturity and complexity to the writing”
–  R2 Magazine


“On the track, they push raggedy country into modern times, wrapping bluegrass sensibilities around pop’s little finger.”  -Too Many Blogs






Go into details on the changes in your life for choosing music as a career.
I was studying painting at art college and kind of dabbling with music on the side, but what I really wanted to do was learn how to make my recordings sound better, so I took a path that led me to study just that in Scarborough. Turns out that was a good decision!


Tell us how you will manage fame as an established artist.
Ha-ha, I don’t think that has any danger of happening.


Let us know the greatest moment of your music career.
We met Alan Johnson from Peep Show. That was a great moment. He ended up buying a CD from us.


Discuss your experience pertaining to live performances, gigs, shows, and tours.
Our first show was at a bar in Scarborough called Cellars. I think we used some speakers from a home stereo instead of a PA! The poster was a piece of A4 Pete had drawn a buffalo on.
Musically I’m sure it was a massive shamble, but we were so excited, I don’t think any of us would have noticed that it sounded awful.
We were paid £100 cash and at the time we thought that was an incredible sum to make from playing music!
Since then we’ve had the pleasure of playing abroad quite a lot and some interesting experiences we wouldn’t have otherwise had.
But on the flip side, we’ve also spent what feels like a considerable amount of our lives sat in the back of a van.


Explain what you have in mind before considering music as a career.
The band was kind of born of late nights spent together getting drunk, listening to Bob Dylan bootlegs, and watching music docs, we kind of just fell into it and didn’t consider much else career-wise!


Name the artists that have influenced the world.
Well… blues music seems to have been the basis of rock & roll, which is where we take our musical cues from, so… Muddy Waters and co for sure.
Chuck Berry introduced a more aggressive electric guitar sound that featured in rock music for the next 60 years.
The Beatles are the biggest influence in so many ways, they kind of wrote the rulebook for bands!


Discuss your moment of rejection as a musician/artist and how you cope and move on with your career.
Early on, in the band, we had many cases of the trail going cold with labels, agents and managers, etc. but we always stuck to our guns and kept on doing what we wanted to do. I think if you’re doing that then you can’t go wrong.


Tell us the most negative comment you have ever received.
We once had a residency at a place in York called The Black Swan, which is apparently ‘the most haunted pub’ in the area or something….
We had just finished our set and were chatting with the audience outside when a guy asked Robbie ‘So how did you find out about this group then?’ apparently unaware he had been watching him all night.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
The Buffalo Skinners was named after Woody Guthrie’s ballad of the working man’s revenge.
In the song, the Buffalo drover doesn’t pay his cowboys, so they leave him for dead. We thought it was a good message to send out to people booking us for gigs…
When we named the band, we were heavily into Bob Dylan and anyone who gets into Dylan can’t help being stung by his enthusiasm for Woody.



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