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The Como Brothers – Magic

The Como Brothers - Magic
The Como Brothers - Magic
The Como Brothers – Magic
Tell us about gaining the confidence to sing in front of a large crowd for the first time. 
Andrew Como:  The first time I sang/played in front of a crowd was when I was 15 at my friend’s Sweet 16 birthday party.  I formed a group for the party with some friends.  It was a fancy place and we were all in suits, so it was really cool. My friends wanted to back out right before we went on, but I convinced them to do it.  Playing at that party gave me the biggest rush.  It’s what made me want to perform in front of people.
Matt Como: The first time I played a gig was in a band with two friends – I was on bass, my friend Alex on drums, and Nick on guitar.  We were probably horrible but I wish there was a video of it because we totally rocked it out.  I believe I was 18, my first year playing music.  I think it was one of the very first times I ever tried playing bass and it just clicked.  I was moving around doing more than just the root note – I remember my Uncle Doug commenting that it was pretty good for a first time out moving around the frets like that.  I was opening up for Andrew’s band that night that had been performing together for a few months or a year already.  And then our cousin’s band went on last – he was a little older and his punk band Better Than Toast rocked out.
Tell us the best way to make money in the music business. 
Andrew Como:  We’re always looking for new ways to make money.  I’m not sure what the best way is yet, but we try anything that we can to help us out with expenses.  (Gigs, selling songs online, merch, licensing, song placements, etc.).
Matt Como: It’s not easy at first!


Tell us your experience pertaining to TV/Radio plugging. 
Andrew Como:  Our songs were on some TV Shows which was pretty cool.  We’ve been on Keeping Up With Kardashians, Best Inked, some indie movies.  We’ve been getting our songs onto Triple A radio and in some college markets which is awesome too.


Tell us if you consider acting in the future. 
Andrew Como: I don’t think acting is our calling haha.  Would be amazing to be on SNL performing a song or to be in a skit.  That’s definitely something we’d love to do.
Matt Como: We are horrendous actors.  We got called into NYC to perform some Beatle songs recently and we were surprised to learn it wasn’t a music performance audition but an acting audition.  Someone that saw us play a Beatle tune one time thought because we performed the song well we must be able to act out John and Paul from a script.  Since we were already there we did the audition for fun but it was quite terrible and our English accents are fantastically bad.  When we found out that day that it was an acting audition and not music we were like – REALLY?! So shocked in a funny way we were joking around about it.


State what takes your time apart from music. 
Andrew Como:  Not much.  When it comes to music, we have tunnel vision.  We’re always writing songs, practicing, performing, or recording in the studio.  There’s not much else we do.  I do love watching baseball though.
Matt Como: Just about all of our free time is music.  Maybe some Star Wars and Halo 2 thrown in for me.


Tell us the good and the bad side of the music industry. 
Andrew Como:  The good side is we love making music and writing songs.  I guess the bad side is occasionally other people think they have to take you down in order to advance themselves.  That doesn’t work though.  We like being cool with everyone because that’s just how we are.  It can be demoralizing when people are deceitful.
Matt Como: Definitely some shady people out there who are frauds.


Tell us how you will rate yourself as an artist. 
Andrew Como:  I wouldn’t know how to rate ourselves.  All I know is that we love to write songs.  Music is a really subjective thing.  Everyone has different opinions.  You can check it out and decide for yourselves!
Matt Como: We are a 10 out of 10.


Tell us how you plan to make an impact on society. 
Andrew Como:  We hope that others can relate to what we’re experiencing through our songs, and realize they aren’t the only ones to feel a certain way.  We want people to hear our music, have a good time, and forget about their problems.
Matt Como: We want to make people happy.  If we can do that we can make the world a better place.
Tell us how to become a famous artist. 
Andrew Como:  I’m not sure! Haha.  We want to be a household name though and do this for the rest of our lives.  For sure.  We’ll just keep writing the best and most honest songs we possibly can.
Matt Como: The focus should be on the music first.  Enjoy and feel the music, and the rest is gravy.


Narrate your recording experience. 
Andrew Como:  I’ll give you a quick summary from the top.  We are inspired to write from an experience.  We write the song.  Writing the song can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of months.  We record the song and find what works for a particular song – it’s always different.  Then we’ll have the song mixed and mastered.  Recording is our favorite thing.  Nothing like trying things out on a song that you just made.  The best feeling in the world is taking home a final mix of a song.  I equate it to taking home a newborn baby from the hospital.


Tell us what you will buy if you want to build your own studio. 
Matt Como: If I had unlimited funding I would just replicate Germano Studios in NYC.  That place is my favorite place to be.


Tell us the instruments put together in this song. 
Andrew Como:  We have a new song “Magic’ we just put out with an Emoji Lyric Video.  The main instruments were guitars and vocals (Andrew), bass (Matt), keyboards (Andy Burton), and drums (Aaron Sterling).


List your five favorite songwriters. 
Andrew Como:  John Lennon, Paul McCartney, John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Billy Joel, Ed Sheeran, and Bruno Mars.
Matt Como: Same, add in Sting.


List your five favorite music producers. 
Andrew Como:  George Martin, Max Martin, Shelback, John Mayer/Steve Jordan, and Quincy Jones.
Matt Como: Same, add in Nathan Chapman, John Alagia, Kenta Yonesaka, Aaron Sterling.


Describe in detail how you feel when you hear your song on the radio
Andrew Como:  It’s the best feeling in the world.  We want our songs to be heard by everyone.


Describe your best mood to write a song. 
Andrew Como:  I don’t think that there is one best mood.  I think that your mood will just affect your song in different ways.  (Happy, sad, hopeful, etc.).
Matt Como: Listening to an amazing new song or groove and then being inspired to try to write something better or cool in my own way.


Tell us, five artists, you can regard as legends. 
Andrew Como:  The Beatles, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Billy Joel, James Taylor, The Eagles, The Foo Fighters.  I could go on forever, but these are some of my top favorites that came to mind first.
Matt Como: T-Swift.


Tell us the story behind the song. 
Andrew Como:  Magic is about that feeling of falling in love with someone in the beginning.  Where everything is perfect.  Something as simple as holding that person’s hand, opening the door for them, or dancing like an idiot with them can make your world stop.
State the links to your stores, websites, and social media. 
Instagram/Twitter: @ComoBrosBand


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it. 
Andrew Como:  Our name is “The Como Brothers”.  We never could think of a really badass name like The Beatles or Led Zeppelin.  So we said, let’s just call it like it is…play it as it lies…The Como Brothers.


State the title of the song and the meaning. 
Andrew Como:  “Magic”.  When you’re first in love with somebody and nothing could go wrong.



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