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The Cosmic Coronas – Black Betty

The Cosmic Coronas – Black Betty


The Cosmic Coronas – Black Betty
The Cosmic Coronas – Black Betty


ARTIST NAME: The Cosmic Coronas
SONG TITLE: Black Betty
ALBUM TITLE: Black Betty



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They didn’t know it at the time, but for years the members of The Cosmic Coronas were on an inevitable collision course toward the creation of the ultimate rock experience with tasty bits of soul, punk, folk, and funk.
Their desire to use music to ignite the cosmic connection between us all launched them rapidly from casual jam sessions to headlining respected venues around NYC, including Mercury Lounge, The Cutting Room, and Webster Hall.
The brilliance of the Cosmic Coronas began with the after-work jammings between co-workers and the CEO of a Midtown recruiting firm.
In the winter of 2014, Brad Widolok, the boss in the office and commander of screaming lead guitar lines, met up with the smooth and sophisticated, lifelong rhythm guitarist Noah Nielsen and natural-athlete-turned-natural-rockstar Kevin Gayson on acoustic at New York City’s Euphoria Studios.
Ever the recruiter, Kevin invited a couple of friends from his college days at the University of Albany to forge a rhythm section for the guitar trio.
And so Dan Raiani, bass guitar, and Nick Brucaliere, drums, hauled over to Manhattan for a casual jam – two friends from Suffern, New York who have been performing together since the fourth grade, in bands ranging from rock, funk, metal, ska, jazz, marching, and more.
Dan and Nick brought a technical proficiency and deep groove that blended with the recruiters’ roaring jams to reach cosmic proportions; almost.
The time came to take these increasingly uncontainable outpourings of feeling to the next level, so Dan and Nick reached out to another SuffTown native, Alexa Lindberg, who they knew had the pipes powerful enough to command this formidable ensemble. Her mighty vocals breathed life, emotion, and deeply relatable soul into the music, and so the Cosmic Coronas were born.



Tell us what your fans are saying about your music.
Our fans are used to the certain energy and power in our music… We naturally make our songs very anthemic.
With this batch of songs, we wanted to stretch ourselves musically and get out of our comfort zone.
We think the fans will dig it as well as open it up for some new listeners to jump on board.


Tell us the factors you consider in choosing a song as your favorite.
Favorites change from day to day.  It’s constantly evolving and growing.  You can be jazzed on a tune for a day, week, year and then it just falls onto the eternal list… or gets cut.   It’s a lot of fun because you get to have this humongous jukebox in your head.


Tell us the names of producers you will collaborate with if you have the chance.
We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Grammy award-winning engineer and producer, Dave Clauss on our last two projects.  He’s like the 7th member of the band when we’re in the studio.  We all really trust him and are also afraid of him (LOL) because he’s so intensely talented.
We’d all love to work with Brendan O’Brien… Pearl Jam’s Vs. enough said!


Tell us your favorite TV show and state your reason.
Game of Thrones…  The reason being – we want to join in the fight against the White Walkers as they freak us the fuck out and more importantly want to help Tyrion with his alcoholism.


Tell us your best mood to create a song.
Moody is always a great way to write – it’s as unpredictable as the word.


Tell us your interpretation of fame or success.
Fame is rubbish for the Kardashians and folk as such.
Success is like a breathing organism that is constantly growing, learning, fucking up, moving forward, moving sideways but always doing something.  It makes each step very exciting.


Tell us the names of artists you will collaborate with if you have the chance.
Can you give Sir Paul McCartney our email address?  We’re available if he needs us…


Tell us about your experience performing on stage for the first time or recording in the studio for the first time.
Playing live and playing in the studio are wildly different but both bring us immense joy.
We feel so lucky to have opportunities to perform in front of our amazing fans (shouts to Corona Nation!) and record songs we love in the opulence and splendor of a studio temple.


Tell us how you approach songwriting.
It’s a collaborative effort.  We used to write songs in a more solitary way, but now it’s more like hey check out this groove, or here’s a riff, and then we all sculpt and chisel until this piece of goo becomes a beautiful statue with a name and a face.


Tell us your opinion on blending genres or experimenting with sound.
In favor.


Tell us how you deal with rejection.
Rejection fuels us to be better.


Elaborate on what compels you to sing.
“I feel like it’s a huge way I’m heard.  I’m a short little blonde girl, but inside I’m this fiery soul woman that isn’t always seen until I sing.  It’s a nice feeling someone truly knows me through my voice.
Also, I love carrying out my dad’s legacy of being a musician.  Making him proud is one of my favorite feelings.”
– Alexa Corona.



Tell us the comparison between digital recording and analog recording.
There’s no denying the snap, crackle, pop, and creamy sensation of analog but until Geffen signs us and we take over the world, digital will suffice.
We’d also be open to doing a vinyl LP at Jack White’s Third Man Studio.  Maybe he’ll play on it – that would be fun!


Tell us how you record your vocals.
Alexa deprives herself of all proper nutrients, water, and light and replaces them with harmonies, lyrics, and soul juice…. She comes to the studio usually a week later and sings… it’s a real trip, very method.


Tell us the software you used mostly for recording.
Pro Tools.


Elaborate on the song.
‘Black Betty’ was a trip.  When most people hear Black Betty they think Ram Jam but they’re missing the first step.
We went all the way back to Lead Belly and tapped into the blues of it which is the heart of the whole thing.
Can’t explain the sounds that came out, the song sort of took over and we just held on tight.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
Have you ever seen a Cosmic Corona?  If you have you’ll know, if you haven’t you won’t, but one day you will, and then who knows?


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Following up on their 2017 EP, The Grove, The Cosmic Coronas recorded a series of covers at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY with Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Clauss (Mastered by Mark Santangelo at The Mastering Palace).
Their latest single, Black Betty, is a haunting cover of a Lead Belly classic that pays tribute to the song’s roots while exploring new ground.
These covers from the TRO Essex Music Group historical catalog will be released by the band throughout 2019 with new original music to follow.



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