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The Inoculated Canaries – Sneakers

The Inoculated Canaries – Sneakers

The Inoculated Canaries – Sneakers



Artist Name: The Inoculated Canaries
Song Title: Sneakers
Release Date: 4/26/2019
Genre: Rock



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Discuss how you find the sounds that fit your vocals.
I have always been a guitar player first and a vocalist second. When The Canaries were in their infancy, we actually had a couple of different singers.
I only started singing to avoid changing our entire set every time a singer left the band. I can’t say it’s a very specific process. We sort of writing the songs and then I go home and practice singing them in my shower until they sound good.


Tell us how you come up with ideas to create your lyrics.
Most of my lyrics are based on life experience; either with things that have happened directly to me or things that have happened to people close to me.


Tell us how you ensure the music producer properly balances your vocals with the instruments.
That all comes down to the mix really. James is an audio engineer and he’s a real stickler for frequencies and all sorts of nerdy stuff like that.
For me personally, I just play and sing as hard and loud as I can and somehow that seems to work. It might seem like we’re professionals, but our production style is a very “seat of the pants.”


Discuss the recording process.
For us, the most important thing is making sure that the recordings reflect our live set. We don’t use any digitized instruments, and we always track everything together live as a band. If there’s a more difficult way to do something, you can be certain we’re going to do it that way.
We’re the type of guys to stress about every single little detail within the music. When you’re asking people to take precious time out of their day to listen to your music, no note can be insignificant.


State the best means of generating income in today’s music business.
It’s tough out there. I think in total we’ve probably made a total of about $4000 over a 7-year span of recording and touring (not including the tens of thousands in expenses). There’s not a lot of room in the middle, you either make a lot of money or you make no money at all.
Licensing deals are where all the money is. If you hear a song in a commercial on television, you can be sure someone’s making a decent chunk of change from it.


State your favorite song and the reason
Hey Hey What Can I Do – Led Zeppelin, simply because I have yet to find a time in my life where I’m not in the mood to listen to that song.


Tell us your opinion on the use of digital effects on vocals.
So, while I’m not generally a fan of anything digital, there are times when you are looking for a sound that you cannot physically recreate in the real world.
I think our view is this; computers should never replace musicianship, but they can allow artists to be creative in ways that weren’t possible in the past.


Tell us the steps you take before going into the studio.
James usually eats a cheeseburger. I tend to chug a couple of bottles of water. Dylan brings a Sansamp, and Brian shows up late, so he doesn’t have to carry anything.



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