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Tommy Homonym – Love is Fun

Tommy Homonym – Love is Fun

Tommy Homonym – Love is Fun
Tommy Homonym – Love is Fun



ARTIST NAME: Tommy Homonym
SONG TITLE: Love is Fun
ALBUM TITLE: Two Waltzes
RELEASE DATE: January 18, 2019
GENRE: Pop/Jazz /Singer/Songwriter



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Tommy Homonym is a late-blooming artist, following the leads of Susan Boyle, Clementine Hunter, and Grandma Moses.
Openly imaginary, openly old-ish, and openly evasive about his sexuality, the reclusive Tommy specializes in both original songs and inventive covers of pop and rock tunes, which he arranges and produces in collaboration with trusted friends who are real, as opposed to late-blooming, musicians.
Tommy’s debut album was “Uglier Than You” in 2013. His most recent EP, “Two Waltzes,” includes two songs written by Tommy and arranged and produced by John Allen Watts, featuring a band of internationally acclaimed jazz musicians.
Tommy has made three music videos in collaboration with Texas filmmaker George Wada.
The video for his original song “Ride a Wave” has been selected for screening at film festivals around the world.


Tell us your view on old and new school music in terms of preference.
I can’t keep up anymore, but there are a few current artists I follow: Frank Ocean, The Internet, Lana Del Rey.
All-time fave bands and artists include the Beatles, Blondie, Madonna, Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, Aimee Mann, Bill Evans.


Tell us your most memorable day as an artist.
Making my live singing debut in Kansas City, last year at the First Friday Film Festival.


Share your press release and reviews with us.
The new double single features sophisticated pop-jazz arrangements.
Jersey City, New Jersey – Reclusive singer-songwriter Tommy Homonym has released Two Waltzes, a “double single” featuring original songs by Tommy, with arrangements and production by John Allen Watts.
The songs on Two Waltzes, “Like a Ghost” (4:17) and “Love is Fun” (3:35), find Tommy venturing into fresh musical territory with sophisticated pop-jazz arrangements devised by John.
The songs explore the ups and downs (mostly downs) of relationships, from the euphoria of new romance – “the highest of the highs us higher apes have found” – to the heartbreak of “love undone… the single most unwelcome, unpleasant surprise.”
Along with Tommy’s vocals, the songs feature acoustic bass by Paul Nowinksi, drums by Luiz Ebert, piano by Klaus Mueller, flugelhorn (on “Like a Ghost”) by Dan Urness, and alto flute (on “Love is Fun”) by Jorge Continentino.
The EP was recorded in New York City and Yonkers, and is mixed and mastered by David Darlington for Bass Hit Recording in New York.
Two Waltzes is available for streaming and download on most major music services, including Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.
Tommy’s previous releases include the album Uglier Than You, the single “What I’ll Do All Day,” and covers of REM’s “Let Me In” and Carole King’s “I Feel the Earth Move.”
Tommy’s videos, created in collaboration with Texas filmmaker George Wada, can be seen on YouTube and Vimeo.
His video “Ride a Wave” has proven popular on the film festival circuit, with screenings in Los Angeles, Dallas, Fort Worth, Kansas City, Muskogee, Jersey City, Asbury Park, and Lonavla, India.
Tommy – who is rumored to be the “openly imaginary, openly bisexual and openly old-ish” alter ego of New York playwright and former Dallas Morning News writer Tom Sime – has recently given live performances in Dallas and Kansas City.
“I’m excited to come out of my shell to sing for people,” says Tommy.
“Though I’m also excited to get back into my shell as soon as possible.”



Tell us how you protect your singing voice.
Lots of water – And I just bought some stuff called Vocal Eze but I haven’t tried it yet.


Tell us the major reason you are into music.
It was on my bucket list, and the bucket is closer every day.


Discuss creativity and originality in music.
I strive for both.


Tell us your plans pertaining to music.
I hope to become a cult figure.


Tell us the secret of success.
If and when I am successful I will tell you.


Tell us how you get started as a musician.
An iPad and GarageBand finally let me create my own tracks.


Tell us what makes you happy and sad about this project.
The memories the songs are based on are painful, but by turning them into music I felt joy again.


List the people that assisted in making this song.
Written and performed by Tommy Homonym
Arranged and produced by John Allen Watts
Acoustic bass: Paul Nowinski
Drums: Luiz Ebert
Piano: Klaus Mueller
Flugelhorn: Dan Urness
Alto flute: Jorge Continentino
Mixed and mastered by David Darlington at Bass Hit Recording, New York City.


Tell us how you get financial support to run your music career.
Working my ass off at my day job. Tax refunds.


Tell us the genre of your music and the reason for choosing this genre.
I’m into pop. This music is jazz-infused because I got the chance to work with wonderful jazz musicians.


Tell us if you prefer to write your own songs or you prefer to write with professional songwriters.
I like to write my own songs, but I look forward to doing more collaborative songwriting in the future.
I also like to do occasional cover songs. I have a very nice version of “I Feel the Earth Move” by Carole King.


Tell us if you prefer to produce your songs or you prefer to work with reputable producers.
I like to work with professionals, but I self-produced my earlier work, and it was great fun and very empowering.


Tell us the story behind this song.
Each of these two songs is based on one of my failed marriages.



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