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Trade Stevens – Talk 2 Me

Trade Stevens - Talk 2 Me

Trade Stevens - Talk 2 Me

Trade Stevens – Talk 2 Me

ARTIST NAME: Trade Stevens
RELEASE DATE: July 29, 2022
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Born into a family of musicians from Michigan, Trade Stevens spent much of his time abroad while growing up. Since his father was an Army Specialist, the family extensively travelled the world and spent time in various settings. A dynamic talent, Trade Stevens’ skills were discovered during a class “sing-off” for the role of Santa Claus in the annual Christmas play. It was after winning the sing-off that Trade discovered an innate passion for music.
After settling in Michigan, Trade decided to galvanize his skill set, focusing on writing, production, and vocal stylings. Singing in various talent shows, local plays, and weddings, the promising artist began setting his sights upon newer heights.
Moving from Michigan to New York City in hopes of securing a recording contract, Trade continued to perform in local events while pursuing a recording contract. At the Apollo Theater, Trade Stevens performed his most notable performance – the Teddy Pendergrass classic- “Turn off the Lights”. Creating a mesmeric stir, Trade sent the audiences into a frenzy and received a standing ovation.
After years of struggling, Trade finally secured a recording contract with a major “Indie” label. However, his relationship with the label soured and the eclectic artist was compelled to move on. In his pursuit of becoming the best at his music, Trade Stevens graduated from Stony Brook University with a Master of Science in Human Resources Management.
Armed with polished vocals, top line production, and soul-stirring lyrical and musical content, Trade Steven’s music takes listeners back to an era when singers were truly singers and sang great stories. The artist’s discography includes the album “Something” which he dropped in 2007. Trade has unveiled yet another compelling single “Talk 2 Me”. He hopes this single will find the same success as Take Me 2 a Place, which was licensed by Spike Lee for his Netflix series, ‘She’s Gotta Have it.’
Focusing on stories of love, connectivity, hope, and feeling broken, Trade Stevens aims to continue marketing and promoting his single “Talk 2 Me”. His inspirational musical style and delivery sets him apart from any contemporaries, and he continues to spread joy, hope, optimism, and love through his musical craft.


Inspiration: Personal and others’ lived experiences inform my lyrics and overall writing style.


Music Style: Born into a musical family helped shape my style of singing/performing/writing.


Multi-Genre Music: I enjoy all genres of music because I was exposed to all genres. My style of music leans into RnB, Soul, and Dance.


Fans: The best means to reach fans today: online visibility and continued radio exposure.


Musical Career: Performing since I was a child, building and learning the ropes via performances…


Song Creation: My process usually starts with the chorus/hook and sometimes the lyrics for a verse will inspire a song.


Melody: Most melodies just “come to me”. Some come to me via dreams, pop into my head, and so on.


Recording Studio: Comfy and personal recording studios are ideal for me.


Good Song: Great lyrics, instrumentation, melody, and vocal performance make a good song.


Mood After Completion of a Song: Elated!


Aim: Music is about evolving, so I aim to always grow and evolve over time.


Release: I have not release music since 2007, this release is special to me because it’s been a long time coming.


Future Goals: My immediate goal is to continue to market and promote my current single “Talk 2 Me.”


Obstacles: Life brings many challenges; the music business is no different. One must stay focused and understand, no issue or obstacle is permanent.


Song: Talk 2 Me is about communication and how we take each other for granted. Relationships can live or die via communication.


Trade Stevens
Elevator Pitch
Be it captivating Dance rhythms, empowering vocals of “Ole Soul”, or simply raw and magnetizing Hip Hop verses, Trade Stevens’ discography has got it all. Citing Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Nancy Wilson, Darryl Coley, and Barbra Streisand as some of his favourite singers and entertainers, Trade has performed extensively at local NYC shows, the Apollo Theater, and Off-Broadway.

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