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Barely Trev – Visionary

Barely Trev - Visionary


Barely Trev - Visionary
Barely Trev – Visionary



Tell us about yourself.
I’m 19 years old and from Minneapolis, MN, currently attending school at the University of Minnesota. I am a member of Minneapolis-based Nu Ground Music Group. We are a group of musicians with individual styles that seem to work together so nicely. It includes me (Trev), Rosie, JJL, Kenny C, and TNLTTRWRD.


Tell us about yourself as an artist.
I have always been interested in music, and it wasn’t until my senior year of high school I finally got the courage to start rapping. Over the past few years, I’ve discovered more about myself through music than anything else. Music is my outlet to be who I want to be and feel confident in doing something that people around me don’t expect me to do.


Tell us about the genre of your music.
My music genre ranges anywhere from upbeat rap to R&B to acoustic songs on my guitar. I don’t attempt to target a specific listener, rather make many different styles for the simple reason that I enjoy many genres of music and am not satisfied being put into one box as an artist. However, making bangers where I can rap and go crazy are pretty fun if I’m honest.


Tell us about the story behind your song.
My faith has always been a big part of who I am as a person and as an artist. I wrote this song wanting to show off my ability to rap and have fun, but also to boast about the power of my God. Lyrics like ” I got confidence as high as Himalayas” and “I spray the devil with pepper spray” speak on my confidence in my own faith and my optimistic view of my life. I truly am doing my best to be a “visionary” and figure out what type of things are in store for my life and music career.


Tell us about the problems you are facing as a musician.
Being in college and trying to balance my time is definitely a struggle. Feeling like I can’t always dedicate the amount of time I want to write and record can be tough.


Tell us about the recording and production of the song.
I recorded the song at The Institute of Production and Recording alongside my engineer Switched Audio. We got the song recorded in about two hours, but after waiting for the feature to get back and mixing the rest of the song together, it took me about 5 months to actually put the song out.


List the names of blogs, radio, or TV stations that have supported you so far.
The song has been featured on Rapzilla and played on DJ Sean Blue’s Street Hymns radio so far.


Tell us more about your music career, experience, and future goals.
I have opened for artists like Huey Mack and YONAS, while also performing in multiple shows on campus at the U of M. Nu Ground Music Group is performing in March at the University of Minnesota- Morris’ spring show, as well as other possible upcoming shows. I don’t know exactly what I want to do in my individual career, but I do know I want to do what I enjoy and have as many people hear my music as possible.


Brief us what inspires you to write, compose and sing.
I don’t have a crazy childhood or backstory; I’m inspired by it, but I do have my everyday emotions and things I go through that at the end of the day, usually end up on paper. I like to create stories and be real about my own personal struggles I go through. I don’t fake anything when I write; I’m just inspired by my desire to be real and vulnerable in my own songs.


Brief us the top-secret behind making a hit song.
First off, have your lyrics memorized when you’re going to record!!! Second, don’t be someone you aren’t- people appreciate vulnerability and realness when they hear music.


Tell us the piece of advice you will give to an upcoming artist.
Don’t waste time being scared of what people will think of you… if you want to make a song and put it on Soundcloud or whatever, GET THAT STUFF OUT THERE!


Discuss at length your music careers, albums, songs, tours, recognition, or awards you might have obtained.
The shows I’ve done are definitely a highlight, performing 6 times in a couple of years I’ve done this. One song on SoundCloud has reached over 80,000 plays. I dropped my first mixtape last May.


Tell us how you write your lyrics, compose, sing and record in the studio.
I usually have a beat/chords on my guitar picked out/created before I begin to write lyrics. I like to have an idea of the mood it brings and what I want to write about first. In the studio, as I said, I try to have my lyrics memorized when recording so I can let loose and not worry about what I have to say next.


Name the artists you are willing to collaborate with.
I am willing to collaborate obviously with the other 4 artists in Nu Ground Music Group. Aside from that, I’m usually pretty open to anyone who shares the same passion as me for music and understands it/knows what they’re doing when it comes to writing and recording. I like to involve my friends, but I also value the importance of keeping my music at a high level of quality.


State the links to your social networks and stores for the purchase of your songs.


Tell us about your happiest day and saddest day.
My happiest day was probably performing at The Garage when all my friends and family came to watch me.
I honestly can’t think of the saddest day. I’ve never lost someone too close to me; I’ve never even been through a breakup!


Tell us how you will spend a million dollars.
I would pay off my tuition and invest the rest. The stock market has been volatile this past week, but over the last year, it’s been crazy good. With some money in mutual funds to keep my risks balanced. I’d need to buy a house.


Discuss music promotion and how to boost a fan base.
Aimlessly throwing SoundCloud links around doesn’t help much. Putting some money into social media advertisements can help, as well as getting music featured on blogs like this! I have put a ton of money into promotions, however, I have been scammed by promoters saying they will retweet or repost links then end up ghosting me.


Tell us how you manage other activities with your music career.
While I’m young and have the time to do other things, I truly have no excuses for being lazy. My weekdays are busy with school, then most weekends I’ll be working on music instead of partying or whatever as lame as that sounds.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
My artist name is “Trev” and my real name is Trevor Siebold. I chose Trev because it’s simple and not trying to be something. I’m not picking some crazy names.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
“Visionary” – I’m slowly but surely figuring out what I want to do with my life and the plan that God has for me.




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