Greatness requires a delicate blend of ability, work ethic, and most importantly self sacrifice. Combining their skills in music production, D. J’ing, singing and rapping.

Jason Maek and Zaena set aside their solo careers to form one of the most uniquely talented dues in electronic music.

Though walking separate paths, the careers of these two musicians have always been linked. The Chicago-based emcee quickly earned a reputation for his hard-hitting and polarizing content while the Libyan born vocalist separated herself in an industry polluted with over sexualized show ponies and one-hit wonders.

Their most recent project, the Maek Pandamonium Visual Album, was the first visual album in electronic music history. The critically acclaimed piece was called the most impactful electronic album of 2014. Aside from having over 45 colleges host watch parties for it, the visual masterpiece has racked up over 500,000 views, been featured on the front page of VEVO multiple times, and was recently picked up by MTV.

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