Electricity fills the room when a musician or group of musicians express themselves from their core releasing a huge amount of energy. When the audience gives that energy right back it’s intoxicating and addictive. Something really special happens and the sum is much greater than the individual parts and an authentic connection is made between the band and audience. A moment is shared that is forever remembered and cherished. Today there is so much talk about how a lot of new music is lifeless and boring especially at the concerts. The music is sometimes programmed and made into backing tracks. Nothing played live except the vocals, well, sometimes even that’s pre-recorded. Where have all the true artists gone? We believe there is a resurgence of live music. Real music played by people that truly give everything they have to the music they make. We believe in the energy and love that live music brings to everyone involved. Olio was inspired by rock legends that made music in the moment without the help of computers and backing tracks. It’s our responsibility to continue this inspired tradition. Sharing moments with you that can only happen at a live show. There is only one way to do this.

In 2014 the band released their 3 third full length studio album “UNTITLED.” This is a much anticipated project, after their time with recording legend Eddie Kramer, who produced the bands last two EP’s, Comeback Kings & the yet to be released France Sessions. They learned a lot and wanted to combine that knowledge with the energy and fun of their live shows. so when they returned from their Summer Tour in 2013, they hit the studio with reckless abandon. having played most of the new songs on tour, they were really tight and knew exactly how this record should sound and feel. This project offers a nice variety of rock, funk, and pop with well crafted songs and stories. In an era where people are focused on making “tracks” & “hooks” Olio is focused on the song. regardless of genre, the song is the most important thing. Then when you add that to a tight groove and or an edgy riff, you’re creating something that people can sink their teeth into.

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