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Identical mirror twins Adrian and Julian Woodrow make up the singer/songwriter duo, Take 2. Previously known as Blackberry Jam, they’ve earned over 2.3 million hits on YouTube. Living in Southern Vermont they taught themselves to play the ukulele, guitar, and piano, playing 25-30 live shows each year. To stay entertained they sing, any time, any place, even when they are not supposed to….like in class at high school.  In X-Factor Season 1, they performed in front of 4,000 people and made it to bootcamp, competing with 100,000 other acts to make the top 100.  During The Voice auditions they made it to the top 200 out of 50,000 acts and were the youngest performers in season 2.  After seeing how underfunded and forgotten the local music programs were, they decided to start performing at schools to inspire other students to enjoy and create music. And they’ve accomplished just that, inspiring some students to even write their own songs.  At home they’ve been working on original singles and a constant stream of new videos. They love to sing and write songs and their first album is already written and being recorded now. 





Being Twins
Adrian Chirtea and Julian Woodrow are identical twins…mirror twins to be exact. While they are both legally “Woodrows”, Adrian has always used his Mother’s last name, Chirtea. Julian is the oldest by 10 minutes, and he’s always been a fraction of an inch taller, and a pound heavier. Julian is left handed, and Adrian is right handed.  But other than that, Adrian and Julian really enjoy being identical, and in fact, they are genetic clones.  As babies, their first teeth came in just a day apart.  They have the same moles in exactly the same spots, on opposite sides. Unlike most siblings they rarely fight and (almost) always share. As best friends, they have more fun doing everything together than trying to kill each other!  Most people can’t tell them apart, and that’s just fine with them.

Soon They Were Singing Everywhere
They started singing in the 3rd grade cafeteria and after a few months, people started asking the twins to sing everywhere they went. They’d be at the grocery and would give a performance in the frozen food aisle.  At a yard sale, they would sing a few tunes for the shoppers. Everywhere they went, people would ask the twins to sing.  They set up a hat at the gates of the local craft fair and made $167 in an hour, before getting kicked out for “panhandling”!  That experience gave them a taste for making money from singing, and after that, they only wanted to do one thing in life…become pop stars!





Gigs and Auditions
Only recently, Adrian and Julian started playing gigs.  With borrowed speakers and microphones from the neighbors, they sang at the starting line of a local marathon, for the September 11th memorial, at homecoming, and at the school assembly. As longstanding “American Idol” watchers, when Simon Cowell left the judges panel to start X-Factor, it was Adrian who really wanted to audition.  Having never auditioned for anything before they packed up the car and traveled to New Jersey to take a shot at fame!  Coming from Vermont –Newark, New Jersey was definitely the big city! Starry-eyed, they stood in line with 22,000 other acts and made it through the auditions process to become one of only 40 acts to perform in front of 4,000 people at the Prudential Center on the blinding X-Factor stage!   After singing a rousing rendition of “Sunday Morning” the X-Factor judges gave the 4 “yesses” and sent them off to bootcamp in California.

Back Home
They began rehearsing regularly, recording songs, and making music videos.  Their first video took 6 weeks to record. They were just learning the recording software, and they kept accidentally deleting the file. But in September of 2011, Best Love Song was finally completed and posted on the twin’s new YouTube channel. Their first video went viral almost immediately they earned their 10,000th hit just a few weeks after being posted. This sparked even more recording, and the evening dinnertime performances were replaced by recording sessions, and video shoots.  Adrian and Julian now regularly cruise YouTube looking for upcoming YouTube singers in order to study their vocal patterns and dance moves. They were asked to be part of the “Pray” collaboration video featuring Justin Bieber’s background singers, as well as a host of other rising YouTube stars.  It was an awesome experience that connected them with a whole new YouTube music community.






What’s Happening Now
Take 2  spent a lot of time developing their first album which launched November 14,  2014. They are starting to tour around local schools and share their love of music and singing with other students.  It’s their senior year, and Take 2 will continue to keep a low profile at their high school.  They have begun auditioning for commercials and movies in New York City. If you went to school with them, you’d find them suddenly absent, on a regular basis. They just landed their first commercial, a comedic YouYube video which went viral and generated 21 million hits in a week.
As always, they keep their sense of humor.  Keep your eye on their new YouTube channel for a lot more VLOGs, music, and antics from Adrian and Julian. We’ll see you online!


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