Hydrogen Skyline is an indie-electronic rock band based out of Colorado Springs and the Denver Co Area. Comprised of Norman Skyline, his wife Asher, and twin brother Mark – they have been an established band in the indie-rock scene since late 2011.

The band has seen its share ups and downs since its inception; with everything from member loss, to being scammed by sponsors. However, there have been also been massive successes, including selling out major venues, playing with friends and idols Atlas Genius, Civil Twilight and Abney Park, as well as winning various accolades and awards including indierockcafe.com’s best DIY bands of 2015 , Best of all, having the best fan base ever.

Hydrogen Skyline was initially formed in 2009 in Norman’s basement and though it began under much different premises, the ideals of the band have always been making amazing music and reaching people in ways that will that would impact and enhances their lives. The formation of the existing members is a story in itself – as fate we have it , Norman and Asher once dated in high school and somehow through the years reconnected, discovered their love for each other never died out, and they married. One day while Norman was working with other musicians, Asher decided to come down and tried singing to some early established songs, and it was apparent from that moment on that Asher belonged in the band. A couple years later, Mark joined the project and the rest is really history in the making.

The band is passionate about craft breweries, animal rights, politics, independent music, video games, street art and George R.R . Martin’s Game of Thrones! Lyrically and musically they try to keep things close to the heart and only put out music that represents them, while remaining unafraid of experimentation and progressive artistry.

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