Kolade Olamide is a songwriter,a music producer, a poet, a rapper and a director.  He bagged Bsc. in Business Administration and Management and a Diploma in Software Application.





Kolade Olamide entered semi-final in 2007 September’s songwriting contest of “Song of the Year” with the song titled “Trapped in the Dark” in the lyrics category.

Kolade Olamide Entertainment is into production and marketing of pop, country, dance, hip hop and rap songs.

Kolade Olamide  entered semifinal in 2007 November’s songwriting contest of “Song of the Year’  with the song titled “I Just Wanna Be One” in the pop category.

Kolade Olamide was awarded Honourable Mention Placement in the Song Contest of “Song of the year” 2011 with the song titled “Me and You” in the pop category.

Kolade Olamide entered semifinal in the 2007 “U.K Songwriting Contest” with the lyrics of the song titled “I Gotta Rock You” in the lyrics category.





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