LOCALS formed in 2012 as a reaction to the music industries’ almost perverse interest for solo artists. The bands were all slowly fading away and nobody seemed to care about this sad fact, except from LOCALS.

With Stone Roses as their longtime lover they wanted to prove that music still can be self-made and organic. This upcoming Ep can be taken as a Molotov Cocktail against the corporate machinery that dictates today’s music.

“We have recorded five beautiful songs with this great aura of world domination. We spent a year recording them and it feels like a great privilege to be able to finally share them with all the hipster-kids.”

About She Makes Me Feel Like Rock’n’Roll and the music video

She Makes Me Feel Like Rock’n’Roll is the second single to the upcoming Ep “Something real”. Shot in the Danish desert with a red couch as the main character. It’s a cool track and a fantastic video made by Nemo Stocklassa Hinders. All credits to him.