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Undecided Future – U

Undecided Future - U

Undecided Future – U
Undecided Future – U



ARTIST NAME: Undecided Future
GENRE:  Indie Pop



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Undecided Future is a diverse band with a mix of sweet juices from Pop, Funk, Hip Hop, and R&B.
They’re the 2019 winners The Young Entertainer’s Award and 2017 winners of Ryan Seacrest’s global music competition “Best.Cover.Ever.” in which Undecided Future and Jason Derulo performed a song on stage. The video has 7.5 million views on YouTube and during the taping Jason Derulo named Matt “The Sauce King” for his tremendous vocal acrobatics.
Undecided Future is known for their fresh feel-good lyrics with great hooks, genre-mashing compositions, and unique vocal harmonies from all five band-mates. You can count on their performances being entertaining with an upbeat funky vibe.
The band has been performing at Disneyland, CA Adventure, and Downtown Disney for the past four years.
They have original songs on Spotify, iTunes, and all digital platforms. They have also self-produced two music videos on YouTube: “Intoxicated” and “U.”
The band has been featured in publications like Billboard and Deitra Magazines, LA and OC Times, OC Register, ReverbNation Homepage, and more.
“Our old loyal and our new fans come to see us for positive good time. At every show, we play our new pop original songs and a few classic and funky covers. We play to support many local Charities and organizations in Orange County and Los Angeles.” – UF



Tell us how you build the confidence to face the audience.
We’ve been a band since 7th grade and practicing together so it just feels like a good time on stage, just having fun.
We’re now 21 and 22 years old so that was seven years ago we started. It seems like yesterday.


Tell us your weakness and strength in performance.
Charismatic showmanship is our strength, and dancing is our weakness I guess. We’re just white boys who can’t dance.
Discuss your songwriting.
We collaborate on songwriting, each bringing an idea in.


List your other skills apart from singing.
We are a band, but each of us can play all the instruments in the band. Sometimes we switch around on stage and make it more entertaining for the audience.


Tell us the most memorable moment in your music career.
When we won Best Cover Ever, a Ryan Seacrest YouTube Music Competition – Out of 1,000 submissions, we were chosen as the winners and we got to perform and make a video with Jason Derulo. It has over 7 million views now.





Discuss your first performance.
Our first performance was at the Long Beach Aquarium for the Pacific Islands Festival. We were in 8th grade and they let us play all the songs we knew at the time, for like 45 minutes. It was so nice of them and they continued to invite us back every year for about 5 years, so we grew with them and they got to see us grew with our original music.


Elaborate on what you know about the music business.
We all are very business educated from High School, where we were in classes for ‘music business,’ college at USC, Thornton School of Music and California Institute of the Arts, Musician’s Institute and Matisse’s dad is a professional drummer so we all shared our information plus by having James Brown’s old manager help us out, we got some knowledge!


List the instruments you can play.
Nick Stone – Keys and Vocals, Cole Fredrick – Guitar and Vocals, Matt – Lead Vocals, Matisse – Drums and Vocals, and we are auditioning a new Bass player at the moment.


Tell us how you tackle a pitch in your performance.
We practice our harmonies together a lot, so we aren’t pitchy. Matt has a natural falsetto, which seems to be in the sweet spot without much problem.


Tell us how you build your melody.
Usually one of us just whips out a fat melody.


Describe your live performance and recording in the studio.
We have recorded a lot of our songs ourselves in our bedroom studios and then compiled them together. And make changes until everyone likes the song.
But recently we recorded with Shotta Bwoy and he’s putting together a song or two for us.
Our EP called JUGO was recorded by Dem Joints, a multi-platinum winning producer.
Our original EP Disco Balls & Mating Calls was recorded by Cameron Webb, another big producer.
We’ve been blessed that these guys want to work with us and like our songs. Even Tito Jackson is going to record some songs with us – Pretty cool.


Tell us if you prefer using live instruments for your recording.
We usually bring all of our own beats and lyrics into the recording studio where we collaborate and make it saucy as honey almond milk on a stick. But we are perfectionists. We all hear things that we want to make better, so as long as we have time in the studio, we will work until we get it done and everyone is happy. We rarely leave anything unfinished or in a way that someone doesn’t like their part.


Tell us the feedback you are getting pertaining to your music.
We have been playing at Disneyland, Downtown Disney, and CA Adventure for a total of almost 5 years. We are finally getting paid when Cole, the youngest in our group turned 18. That was a long time coming!


Discuss how you record your song.
We usually write some songs or lyrics that we individually think are cool, then we bring it together with the band to flush out. We all know Logic pretty well and have learned some tricks from the awesome producers we’ve worked with.


Tell us if you write all your songs.
We write all of our own songs. We started out as a SKA band in High School and then decided we might make more money in the future if we switched to Pop music. We have been told we look like a Boy Band, but we actually play instruments and have had some dance lessons, in the end, we’re an indie band. We create film and edit all of our own music videos as well.


State your favorite song.
Our favorite song is “U” on our latest JUGO EP – But we do have new songs in the works that define us better as a band. We added a little Hip Hop, Funk, and R&B so we have a lot of diversity in our songs and sound.


Discuss the themes of your songs.
“Our song “U” was written out of being heavily influenced by artists of the ’70s and ’80s and is special to us because it holds true to our roots of music, and will stand the test of time much like our favorite jams.”


Elaborate on the song.
Lyric & Composition by Undecided Future
Copyright 2018
I’m thinkin’ ‘bout
I’m thinkin’ ‘bout you
My baby
You’re the one thing on my mind
It seems like all the time
I’m thinkin’ bout you
My baby
Even when I fall asleep
You’re the Girl of my dreams
I’m thinkin’ bout you


Verse 1
Stackin’ more than commas
Hit after hit like a Teather-ball
Takin’ trips to the Bahamas
Cop a ticket baby
Where we go!
To the Amazon
Baby girl my lioness is hella fun
Numba one
Pussycat could holla back at anytime Ay
Spirits got me trippin’ upper echelon Ay
You my heaven baby I don’t need the high
Sweat it up inside the sauna
Even when its feelin’
Icy cold!
Ain’t nobody ever saw us
And nobody stoppin’ us
No! No!
Cuz I got the keys got the keys to the getaway
One day one time it’s a sunny day
My top drop cuz we fancy
Your top drop cuz you so into me


Pre Chorus
Talkin’ on the phone
Hang up all alone
But even on my own


I’m thinkin’ bout you
My baby
You’re the one thing on my mind
It seems like all the time
I’m thinkin’ bout you
My baby
Even when I fall asleep
You’re the Girl of my dreams
I’m thinkin’ bout you


Verse 2
Goin’ out tonight
Goin’ out and sippin’ on Bacardi
She’s getting’ naughty
Ladies party all around the world
I tell ‘em I’m sorry
Cuz you’re my only girl


Pre Chorus
Conversation late at night
Hang up say goodbye
Not around but still I find


I’m thinkin’ about you
My baby
You’re the one thing on my mind
It seems like all the time
I’m thinkin’ ‘bout you
My baby
Even when I fall asleep
You’re the Girl of my dreams
I’m thinkin’ ‘bout you


Love the way you dance
So gentle with your hands
You’re the best
I’m so blessed I get to be your man
Each freckle on your face so perfectly in place
Amazing constellations like in outer space
Cuddle close at the movies laughin’ at the sad scenes
The way you smile in my long sleeve, baby wait before you leave
I was wonderin’ if you’re free
For the rest of your life
Come spend it with me
Cuz there ain’t no one like


My baby
You’re the one thing on my mind
It seems like all the time
I’m thinkin’ ‘bout you
My baby
Even when I fall asleep
You’re the Girl of my dreams
I’m thinkin’ ‘bout you


Chorus Out
Come on baby
Ah ah ah! And when I get home tonight
I’m gon’ hang you upside down tonight
Woo just how you like
Every angle mirrors left and right
(Mirrors left and right baby)



Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
We met in 8th grade and needed a band name and at the time we felt that our future as a band was pretty undecided, so we settled on Undecided Future. Funny enough we should be called Decided Future now because we are definitely here to stay in the music game.


Share your press release and review with us.
Orange County, CA (September 14, 2018) – Winners of the Ryan Seacrest YouTube Original, Best.Cover.Ever performing with Jason Derulo, this rising band hailing from the O.C. is taking their music to the next level with a new seven-track EP titled JUGO. The album showcases maturity in songwriting, a rhythm section with a deep pocket, and impressive Falsetto vocal acrobatics from frontman Matt Isaac.
Working with renowned musician and producer Dem Jointz, JUGO is released in tandem with the new original single “U” inspired by the soulful vibes of classic 70s artists imbued with the high energy funk, soul, and hip-hop dance sounds that have become their unmistakable mark.
“Our song “U” is a tribute to those legendary funky artists whose music continues to get people moving! It’s our own unique twist on that old-school live funk band sound. “U” is special to us because it holds true to our roots of music, and we hope it may stand the test of time much like the songs that inspired it,” said Matt Isaac, lead singer…



At first glance, you might be expecting a characteristic boy band clone, but Undecided Future is an outright soul-driven funk and hip-hop band with smartly executed undertones of 70s funk and  R&B. Their sound is making a rise in the music industry, getting radio play, prominent publication features…
For the last five months, Undecided Future has been recording and producing the seven-song EP JUGO co-produced with super-producer Dem Jointz who has worked with numerous artists including Rhianna, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Howard County, and rapper K.A.A.N. He also contributed music to the documentary miniseries “The Defiant Ones” focusing on the partnership between Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine and which took home Best Music Film at the 60th GRAMMY Awards on January 28, 2018.
Undecided Future members are Matt Isaac (lead vocals), Matisse Pasillas (drums), Cole Fredrick (guitar), Nick Stone (keyboards), and Hayden Lyskoski (bass).



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