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Undecided Future – U

Undecided Future – U


Undecided Future – U
Undecided Future – U



Artist Name: Undecided Future
Song Title: “U”
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 10/19/18






Undecided Future – U
Orange County, CA (September 2018) – Winners of the Ryan Seacrest YouTube Original, Best.Cover.Ever performing with Jason Derulo, this rising band hailing from Orange County, California is taking their music to the next level with a new seven-track EP titled JUGO. The album showcases maturity in songwriting, a rhythm section with a deep pocket, and impressive Falsetto vocal acrobatics from frontman Matt Isaac.
Working with renowned musician and producer Dem Jointz, JUGO is released in tandem with the new original single “U” inspired by the soulful vibes of classic 70s artists imbued with the high energy funk, soul, and hip-hop dance sounds that have become their unmistakable mark.
“Our song “U” is a tribute to those legendary funky artists whose music continues to get people moving! It’s our own unique twist on that old-school live funk band sound. “U” is special to us because it holds true to our roots of music, and we hope it may stand the test of time much like the songs that inspired it,” said Matt Isaac, lead singer.
Undecided Future will be performing songs from JUGO live at upcoming gigs across Orange County and Los Angeles. Check their website for dates and more details at



At first glance, you might be expecting a characteristic boy band clone, but Undecided Future is an outright creative-driven funk and hip-hop band with smartly executed undertones of 70s funk, Hip Hop and R&B. Their sound is making a rise in the music industry, getting radio play, prominent publication features – and landing a winning spot on Ryan Seacrest’s YouTube Original, Best.Cover.Ever. – where they were chosen to perform in a video with Jason Derulo – the video pulled over 7.5 million views.
For the last five months, Undecided Future has been recording and producing the seven-song EP JUGO co-produced with super-producer Dem Jointz who has worked with Christina Aguilera, Rhianna, Janet Jackson, Howard County, and rapper K.A.A.N. He also contributed music to the documentary miniseries “The Defiant Ones” focusing on the partnership between Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine and which took home Best Music Film at the 60th GRAMMY Awards on Jan. 28, 2018.
Undecided Future members are Matt Isaac (lead vocals), Cole Fredrick (guitar), Matisse Pasillas (drums), Nick Stone (keyboards), and Hayden Lyskoski (bass).


Tell us your real names, country of birth, and childhood experience.
Undecided Future members are Matt Isaac (lead vocals), Cole Fredrick (guitar), Matisse Pasillas (drums), Nick Stone (keyboards), and Hayden Lyskoski (bass); all born and raised in Southern California near all the great surfing beaches. We met at ages 15 and 16, while in High School. We all went to a performing arts school called Orange County School of the Arts, located in Santa Ana, California. Matt and Matisse wanted to form a band, so they found Nick, Cole, and Hayden at school. We had our first rehearsal in Matisse’s garage and it just clicked. That was over 6 years ago.


Tell us your academic qualification.
All graduated and met in middle/high school called Orange County School of the Arts, in Santa Ana CA. Nick now attends USC Thornton School of music, he’s a senior, and Cole attends Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, he’s a junior.


Elaborate on your musical background.
Matt’s dad was a lead singer in a Rockabilly band in Orange County. Matt started taking singing seriously and was a natural entertainer like his dad. Matisse’s dad, Tiki is a professional drummer/percussionist who’s played with Latin artists as well as pop groups, so Matisse started playing drums at a young age watching his dad and learning heavy metal and Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall’. Nick learned and played classical piano in 3rd grade at the Orchepia School of Music. Now Nick is at USC Thornton School of Music. Cole and Hayden started playing guitar in 3rd grade and continued learning Classical, Jazz, Flamenco, and Rock. Cole is now at Musician’s Institute continuing his musical education.


Tell us your source of inspiration.
We all have a passion for music and always have. We love writing, being together, and developing songs, music, compositions, and ourselves as a group. Our shows are a mix of us playing as if we are in the garage jamming, and straight raggers. We believe in music that makes you want to dance. We also like to create all the visuals ourselves including film, photography, and graphic art in general.


Discuss your sound.
We’ve been around for a lot longer than people know. We started out as a SKA band but through the years we’ve found ourselves musically and spiritually through Funk and R&B music. Our current sound definitely goes back to our roots of just playing fun bouncy music. It has matured with Jazz, Hip Hop, and Latin rhythm music influences.


Discuss your songwriting.
Our songs can come from a lot of different ideas; it’s never a consistent routine. Either one of us will have a dope beat that we all write to, or we’ll come up with a tasty jam in the garage and put it on wax. Our new project “JUGO” was a mix of all that, also including Dem Jointz coming to us with beats for a few of the songs and us writing over it, and vice versa.


Tell us your genre and idea behind your song.
Our song “U” was written out of being heavily influenced by artists of the ’70s and ’80s and is special to us because it holds true to our roots of music, and will stand the test of time much like our favorite jams.


Tell us how you record your songs.
We usually bring all of our own beats and lyrics into the recording studio where we collaborate and make it saucy as honey almond milk on a stick. But we are perfectionists. We all hear things that we want to make better, so as long as we have time in the studio, we will work until we get it done and everyone is happy. We rarely leave anything unfinished or in a way that someone doesn’t like their part.


List your various works.
JUGO-6 song EP co-produced with Dem Jointz
2018 HMU – Single
2017 Intoxicated-Single and Music Video
2017 Disco Balls
Mating Calls-6 song EP 2014.


Tell us how you are promoting your music.
We have promoted to college radio, and are played across the country. We run our own social media. We have a lot of juice from doing the video with Jason Derulo and winning his episode of Best Cover Ever. It now has over 7 .5 million views. We play a lot of live shows in our area for high-profile events. We also have a contract to perform at all the Disneyland properties for 2 years. We’ve been featured in a few dozen magazines, but we can say that it all stems from the love that people have for our music and our sound. Nothing would be happening if it weren’t for our fans.


Explain the story behind the song.
We wrote “U” almost four years ago and have been performing it for a number of years. We all thought this could be a sweet upbeat record on the project, so we sent Dem Jointz the stems of the basic arrangement of it, and he produced the beat behind it to make it sound as full as it does. Dem Jointz had an idea to rework the chorus to be even catchier. He invited his friend, Marcus … to arrange and record the trumpet parts. Such collaboration resulted in the banger baby you hear as the last song on the project.


List the radio stations, television stations, and blogs that have aired or featured your new song.
We are still in the counting phase but it seems that people like our new EP and first song on the EP “U”.


State the names of other members of your band, music producer, crew, or music video director.
We do everything ourselves including our videos. Matt and Matisse were film and TV majors in high school so they handle all the prep and edit of our videos. Our new Manager for the past year is Larry Fridie. He was James Brown’s manager for the last 12 years of James’ life. He saved him and got all his money back from the record labels. That he was owed because his contract had never been updated throughout the years. Larry is a straight shooter and we’ve learned a lot from him. He’s taking us to the top!


Elaborate on your music career.
  • “Intoxicated” single streamed 100k+ on Spotify
  • Campaign for “Intoxicated” accepted by 90/300 college radio stations, 55/100 internet radio stations, and is now being played in 12 countries
  • ReverbNation 18 straight weeks at #1 Southern California Newport Beach chart
  • Signed 2-year live performance contract with Disney Theme Parks
  • Performed more than 50 live concerts in 2017
  • Winners of Ryan Seacrest’s YouTube show Best Cover Ever, alongside Jason Derulo & Ludacris, with 8M+ views
  • Featured in Billboard magazine, LA Times, Vimeo, ReverbNation Homepage, Cision on PRWeb., Pursuant to Google and Yahoo over 1,880,000 media imprints. Naluda magazine, CD Universe magazine, and much more both domestic and international.


Tell us what makes you unique from others.
Undecided Future is a Southern California band influenced by pop, funk, reggae, and soul, making their sound a groove that resonates with many people and ages. Matt (lead vocalist), Cole (guitar), Nick (keys), Matisse (drums), and Hayden (bass) provide their audience with dynamic songwriting compositions, a refreshing one-of-a-kind style, and our combined upbeat performances rally get a crowd going. We were taught by Michi Robinson, Artist Development how to get our groove on, on stage. He also taught artists like Usher and Bieber. We are lucky to have him in our court.


List your favorite artists.
We listen to a lot of different music on a daily basis: Earth, Wind & Fire, Tower of Power, No Name, Jimi Hendrix, Herbie Hancock, Anderson Paak, Jamirouque, Stevie Wonder, Common, Childish Gambino, there are just so many more, old and new that we draw inspiration from it’s hard to name a few.


Tell us what you are doing to build your brand.
We are working more and more on branding ourselves and our look on stage. We mix it up and don’t take ourselves too seriously and can wear some pretty funky things. We like to find our gems in thrift shops around town. It’s just cloth on skin, wear what makes you “you”.


Tell us about your future goals.
We feel that our future in the music industry is in fact ‘Decided.’ We are all committed to getting this band to reach the world. We are friends, brothers, and everything to each other. We’ve spent a lot of nights on each others’ couches and floors over the past six years. We have a long way to go, but we have some of the best in the industry behind us. It’s just a matter of time.


Tell us the piece of advice you will give to an aspiring musician.
We think ‘evolving’ as an artist is what it is all about. Never hope to never get stale and never standstill. Keep doing what you’re doing and love every minute of it. Otherwise, it’s not worth doing it



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