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West. – Do 2 Me

West. – Do 2 Me

West. – Do 2 Me

West. – Do 2 Me





RELEASE DATE: 25/06/21


GENRE: Dance









Sydney-based producer Ally McMahon also known as WEST. melds together sun-kissed chord progressions, pumping drums, and dreamy shimmering leads to create a sparkling nostalgia-tinged summer landscape.
Influenced and shaped by the warmer surroundings of the Sydney backdrop, WESTS. music is a world away from the greyer pastures of his native England.
Having taken on responsibilities for Sydney-based ‘The Big Ilch’ and more recently laying down the bass with his exceptional bass playing for internationally renowned house producer Cody Currie, McMahon now takes the path of producer and songwriter for his RnB based project WEST. Designed to be an outlet for all things boppy, dancey, and vibey, WEST.’s music production throws in gliding basslines with luscious summery beats.





You know what you do to me
Sometimes I feel like I’m eating
Out the palm of your hand
You know what love do to me
I lose myself I forget who I am


You know what it’s gonna be
I’m falling for you
But the powers not in my hands
You know what you do to me
Because it’s what I do to you


Girl, you’ve got my heart
I’m gonna need that if you’re not
I kinda knew it from the start
That I would fall for you
All for you


You’ve got me falling to my knees
I knew that I would fall in love
I knew that I would fall in love with you
And I’ve got you wanting to retreat
You’ve never thought you’d fall in love
You never thought you’d give your heart to me


You know what I do to you
Sometimes I feel like
You can’t make up your mind
You know what I seek in you
And that kinda makes you
Scared right outta your mind


I know what just what
You’ve been through
Made a promise to yourself
That was the last time
You know what I do to you
Cos it’s what you do to me
Girl, you’ve got my heart
I’m gonna need that if you’re not
I kinda knew it from the start
That I would fall for you
All for you


You’ve got me falling to my knees
I knew that I would fall in love
I knew that I would fall in love with you
And I’ve got you wanting to retreat
You’ve never thought you’d fall in love
You never thought
You’d give your heart to me


Hey I’m falling harder than I’ve ever fell
Hey, I’m feeling something than I’ve never felt
Hey, I’m searching every corner of my mind
Cos I gotta justify how I feel


Caught me off guard you saw all my cards
I soothed your bruised heart
We chose to choose love
Right from the start right
Therefrom the get-go
We put our guards down, scared of potential


You killed my ego wheeled my hero back
I tamed the Leo then it bit right back
Only we knew what we’ve been through
Tell you the truth I’m falling fast



Discuss the concept of mixing genres together.
Being able to mix genres together creates something completely new and unique. I think nowadays, most artists have to be able to merge two or more styles together in order to stand out.


Elaborate on your childhood background.
I grew up in an old town called Farnham, which is based in the southeast countryside of England. But although my hometown is small, there was a healthy local music scene there that definitely helped me to forge my career as a musician.


Discuss your music life.
I realized around the age of thirteen that I wanted to pursue music or an instrument of some sort so I started learning bass guitar. From there it led to me studying music performance into higher education which then led me into working with lots of different artists. About six years ago a friend of mine gave me a copy of Ableton and I haven’t been able to stop producing since. Discovering how to produce electronic music definitely kept me doing music as a career.


Elaborate on your recording experience in the studio.
My studio setup has always been very DIY. I’ve only recently started using a studio to rent out which has definitely expanded my production capabilities! But other than that, I’m recording and producing stuff either on my bed, in my kitchen, or at someone else’s house.


Discuss the songwriting process of this song.
This song was co-written by my friend Dom Diaz. We hadn’t seen each other for a good few months because of the lockdowns and finally caught up with one another. From there he showed me the idea song and it was more or less back and forth sending ideas, instruments, and parts. I think we collectively worked in the studio only twice.


Tell us what is special about the song that can hook a listener.
It’s got everything! A memorable hook in the verse and chorus, a relatable subject matter, and a grooving bassline that’s intertwined with the drums… I was very conscious of the sounds used for the synths and wanted to make them as lush as possible for the listener.


Discuss what you consider in a hit song.
I think a hit song is something that has all the things mentioned above in the previous question, but done effortlessly and with simplicity. Most listeners aren’t looking for a technicality in arrangement but in the ability of how easy it is to remember and sing along to a tune. Relatable lyrics that resonate with the listener are essential.


Tell us your opinion on melody.
Melody can define whether a track becomes a hit or not regardless of genre. Each style of music has its own nuances when it comes to melodies, but if it can be appreciated and remembered by people inside and out of the genre of music it comes from then it’s a strong hit.


Elaborate on what you are doing to develop your music career.
In the week I teach music to primary school kids and schools near to where I live. I think this is a solid career path for me at the moment, but I want to use this single to be able to take me to places within performing original music for a living.


List your greatest supporters.
My dad, my mum and all of my family



Compare a music career to a non-music career.
This is an interesting question, but it’s easy to answer based on the experience of living with people who don’t have a career in music or the creative industries. My day is very scattered and workflow can be very inconsistent at times, which also means financially! But what I love about this is that there is so much freedom in the downtime to always be working or doing something for yourself (I actually had some free time before writing the answers for this interview and went for a long walk). Non-musical careers don’t have this kind of freedom and within the realms of their work, I imagine that there’s a lot of constraints in their field.


Discuss your music background.
I grew up listening to a wide variety of music. My dad would play heaps of Britpop, punk, and rock music to me when I was growing up. And then I had my mum and stepdad’s influence of 80’s RnB, and house music from the ’90s. Once I started at Music College I was introduced to a realm of different styles of music namely neo-soul and hip-hop. In many ways, all these styles and more are referenced in my music, from the chords to the instruments used.


State your future goals.
It’d be nice to have a record that hits one million streams! I’d love to tour my music on a national and international level, but right now that’s further down the line.


Discuss what has changed in the music business.
The rise of playlists and streaming has dramatically changed the listening habits of music lovers. I don’t really feel the ‘album’ as a concept is as relevant as it once was anymore. People look more towards moods and emotions, which can be categorized easily with a playlist.


Tell us the most important tools for an artist.
Marketing. Knowing how to market effectively and get your music out to the right people is so important. Being able to do PR and press stuff and make it stick is a big asset and it makes a world of difference so I would say that.


Elaborate on the song.
“Do 2 Me” is about falling or lusting for someone who has a grip on your control. Knowing that whatever you do to try and break that control, it’s in vain because you keep falling for them again. There’s a bit of a dark undertone to that message though, it’s basically saying I don’t want to fall in love with you because you might not be the right person for me, etc. But it’s totally subjective.


Elaborate on your artist’s name and the title of the album.
The creation of WEST. is a bit lazy, to be honest! I released a single earlier in the year called White Linen and needed an artist’s name. I decided on WEST. because I’m from the western hemisphere originally and I felt aesthetical that the name fitted and suited the genre of music I was making.


Share your press release and review with us.
The lyrics of ‘Do 2 Me’ display a yearning for the attention of a crush with the hope of the connection leading to a romance. Ally McMahon, AKA WEST. has found success in the previous year laying basslines down for international house producer Cody Currie, whose tracks have amassed over 100k streams on Spotify; and performing at Splendour in the Grass, with established roots act ‘TheBig Ilch’. WEST. is now delving into the realms of RnB productions, using his UK roots as the main source of inspiration for the sounds and textures you hear on this record.
The release of ‘Do 2 Me’ not only sees some of WEST.’s best production thus far but also sees compositionally some of his most relatable lyrical content yet. Co-written and sung by the outstanding
Dom Diaz (The Big Ilch, Majun Bu) the end result is a joining of two of Sydney’s most talented artists.

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