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Zenden Lavon – Honey Bourbon

Zenden Lavon – Honey Bourbon

Zenden Lavon – Honey Bourbon
Zenden Lavon – Honey Bourbon



ARTIST NAME: Zenden Lavon
SONG TITLE: Honey Bourbon
GENRE: Hip-Hop/Jazz



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Zenden Lavon began his career at age 11 when he realized the singing and dancing he’d been doing as a child was more than a hobby.
He was influenced by Bob Marley, the Fugees, Michael Jackson, and the Geto Boys.
Zenden was raised in the golden age of Hip-Hop and R&B and it shows in his production and lyricism.
Driven by the desire to spark emotion in his listeners, the Los Angeles native spent close to a decade watering the seeds of hip-hop in Dubai, being sponsored by Red Bull and opening for Nas at the massive Sole DXB event in Dubai.
Zenden Lavon is here to make a positive difference in people’s lives with good vibrations and sounds. Everything is for love.



Tell us how you arrange your song.
It varies but for ‘Honey Bourbon’ I started with a beat and then I built from there.


Discuss how you develop your music style.
I like to listen to a wide range of musical styles, anywhere from jazz to reggae to psychedelic rock.


Elaborate on multi-genre music.
Multi-genre music is artistic freedom for artists who don’t like to be pigeon-holed.


Tell us the best means of reaching fans.
I like to reach out to my fans by being personable and appreciative and just being myself.


Discuss the process involved in launching a musical career.
I believe it’s important to make good music and stay true to yourself.


Tell us how to develop a lyric to a full song.
Normally I make a beat that I’m inspired by.  Then I formulate a concept to write about.


Tell us how you come up with a melody.
I usually just freestyle what comes naturally when I’m listening to the instrumental.


Describe the factors you consider in a good song.
I believe a good song provokes strong emotion with an infectious beat or melody and is just fun and passionate.


Tell us how you impact your listeners with your songs.
I like to describe whatever I’m trying to convey as best as I can through either the music or the words so the listener can feel the emotion that I had when I was creating the song.


Tell us how you interact with producers and music directors.
Being that I’m a producer myself I can appreciate and understand the process and the importance of quality instrumentals.


Tell us how you feel after the completion of a song.
I’m usually proud of what I’ve done and most of my songs are emotionally taxing so when I’ve finished with my songs it’s a very satisfying experience.


Tell us your worst song and state the reason.
I wouldn’t say I have any “worst” songs.  Each song I’ve made is the best song at the time I’ve made it and each time I make a new song I’ve grown musically and try to make it better than the last.


Tell us what you will change in your music.
I’m still trying to find my sound and full originality as an artist.


Tell us what is special about this release.
‘Honey Bourbon’ is a different sound for me incorporating the trap sound.  I feel it shows my growth as an artist and it’s my first time being the creative force behind the visuals for the video.


Tell us about your future goals.
I just want to continue to grow as an artist and make good music.


Tell us how you overcome obstacles.
I overcome obstacles by writing about them in a song. Whether it’s a full song or just a line, writing about it is therapeutic for me.


Elaborate on the song.
‘Honey Bourbon’ was created based on the Musa: Prelude concept for my up-and-coming tape. It’s a power trip.  When you know you are destined for great things and have overcome many obstacles.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
Zenden Lavon is my real first and middle name. Musa: Prelude is named after Mansa Musa, the ancient King of Mali also the richest man in world history. It is a coming of age story – When a prince is becoming king and the ups and downs of dealing with the responsibility of everything that comes with it.




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